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Media Releases

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  • Financial System Inquiry recommendations contradict tenets of efficiency, resilience and fairness

    Patrick Carvalho | 31 Mar 2015

    Specific recommendations of the Financial System Inquiry are of concern, as they seem to go against the tenets of the Inquiry’s philosophy of promoting efficiency, resilience and fairness in Australia’s...... Read More

  • Car industry assistance is government failure

    | 10 Mar 2015

    Industry assistance has failed, so restoring $900 million in handouts for the car industry is repeating the errors of the past says an expert at the Centre for Independent Studies.  ... Read More

  • CIS experts in IGR Lock-up available for comment

    | 04 Mar 2015

    The following CIS experts, including two who will be in the IGR Lock-up, are available for comment.... Read More

  • Productivity Commission doesn’t do enough for the number of childcare places

    | 20 Feb 2015

    The government released the long-awaited final version of the Productivity Commission’s report on childcare late on Thursday.... Read More

  • Value of life-prolonging medicine questionable if life quality is crumbling

    | 18 Feb 2015

    Expensive taxpayer-funded healthcare should not continue to prolong life for the elderly while their quality of life crumbles, Dr John Graham told an event at the Centre for Independent Studies last night.  ... Read More

  • Transcript: ‘Fairness’ a more sophisticated concept than Labor and Greens’ rhetoric suggests: O’Dwyer

    | 17 Feb 2015

    ‘Fairness’ is being hijacked as a one-word slogan by Labor and the Greens to encapsulate a very narrow concept while ignoring many crucial dimensions of fairness, Parliamentary Secretary to the...... Read More

  • WA should be congratulated for turning down Independent Public Schools funding

    | 11 Feb 2015

    Western Australia’s decision to decline Commonwealth funding does not indicate a failure of federal government policy on Independent Public Schools, education researcher Dr Jennifer Buckingham says. ... Read More

  • Honouring our history as a free people

    Greg Lindsay | 21 Jan 2015

    "Australia Day is the day that we honour our history and all the people who have made this nation great. It is a day to rejoice in the present and commit to a happy and prosperous future together." Australian...... Read More

  • The Nannies: 2014 nanny state awards

    | 22 Dec 2014

    The Centre for Independent Studies announces its inaugural nanny state awards, The Nannies. Highlighting the year's worst examples of imposing regulations or promoting campaigns designed to prevent people...... Read More

  • MYEFO blowouts show urgent need for policy reform

    | 15 Dec 2014

    The government’s release of the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) revealed significant blowouts in expenditure that highlight the urgent need for crucial policy reform to reign in the...... Read More

  • Education ministers’ meeting must consider phonics for better reading instruction

    Jennifer Buckingham | 11 Dec 2014

    State and territory education ministers must consider adopting the recommendation that phonemic awareness and phonics should be included in the early years’ literacy curriculum when they meet to discuss...... Read More

  • Researcher denies report claims Indigenous children are placed ‘willy-nilly’ when taken into care.

    Jeremy Sammut | 10 Dec 2014

    Dr Jeremy Sammut has rejected suggestions made in today’s media that his latest research claims Indigenous children are placed ‘willy-nilly’ to comply with Aboriginal Child Placement Principle (ACPP).  ... Read More

  • Kinship placements will create ‘Lost Generation’ of Indigenous children

    Jeremy Sammut | 08 Dec 2014

    Indigenous-specific child protection policies will create a ‘lost generation’ trapped in disadvantage, according to a new report by The Centre for Independent Studies.... Read More

  • Health results boosted by personal will, not government programs

    Helen Andrews | 01 Dec 2014

    Health and fitness are best driven by personal choices, not government programs, according to a researcher at the Centre for Independent Studies.  ... Read More

  • Co-payment death would show Coalition's failure to sell sound policy

    Jeremy Sammut | 27 Nov 2014

    An Abbott government decision to drop the $7 medical co-payment would be due to the Coalition's poor performance in selling and explaining the benefits of a sound policy.  ... Read More

  • Preventive health programs can be worse than the cure

    Helen Andrews | 25 Nov 2014

    Many preventive health programs fail to produce long-term savings or even long-term improvements in public health, according to a new report from The Centre for Independent Studies.... Read More

  • Lambie off to a bad start with meaningless ANPHA stand

    Helen Andrews | 25 Nov 2014

    On her first full day as an independent, Jacquie Lambie has joined three other crossbench senators in pointlessly thwarting the government’s bill to formalise the abolition of the Australian National...... Read More

  • Warren Mundine outlines 'most effective blueprint for educating Indigenous children'

    | 10 Nov 2014

    Remote Indigenous education can be turned around quickly, and without any extra funding, Chairman of the Prime Minister's Indigenous Advisory Council Warren Mundine said today in an adress at the Centre...... Read More

  • CIS refutes erroneous claims about childcare report

    Trisha Jha | 06 Nov 2014

    Critics of a report on the lack of evidence that recent childcare reforms will have benefits for children, have either not read or not understood the report, the Centre for Independent Studies says.... Read More

  • Report finds scant evidence that costly childcare reforms have benefits for children

    Trisha Jha | 04 Nov 2014

    A report by the Centre for Independent Studies has found there is little evidence of benefit from recent childcare regulation reforms that increase the cost of childcare to both families and taxpayers.... Read More