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Media Releases

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  • Foreign investors not to blame for high house prices

    10 Jul 2014

    Foreign investors and domestic investors are no more to blame for rising house prices than first-home buyers. Read More

  • The death blow to car industry assistance

    11 Dec 2013

    The departure of Holden is a clear sign that corporate welfare doesn't work. Read More

  • Brace for Euro implosion - drop tax plans now

    09 Aug 2011 | CIS

    As the world economy moves towards the abyss, the Gillard government must postpone the introduction of carbon and mining taxes or risk looking irresponsible, warns The Centre for Independent Studies (CIS). Read More

  • The Importance of India: restoring sight to Australia’s strategic blind spot

    John Lee | 05 Nov 2009

    Australia’s eyes wide shut to India: Australia must recognise the growing confidence, power and influence of India if we are to remain a relevant middle power within our own region, argues a report being... Read More

  • IA 118: Shock and Awe

    Robert Carling | 21 Oct 2009

    American debt brewing another economic storm: America’s massive fiscal deficit has the potential to spur a second crisis, says a new report being released Wednesday. Read More

  • Why America will lead the ‘Asian Century’

    John Lee | 19 Aug 2009

    WHY AMERICA WILL LEAD THE ‘ASIAN CENTURY’  The beginning of the end of America’s strategic primacy in Asia is commonly predicted. We are supposed to be entering a China-led Asian Century but, a... Read More


    Stephen Kirchner | 28 Nov 2008

    As politicians reaffirm their commitment to free trade at the G20 and APEC, they should make sure they practice what they preach.  In Australia’s case, this means reforming restrictive rules on foreign... Read More

  • Putting democracy in China on hold

    John Lee | 28 May 2008

    WHY DEMOCRACY IS GOING BACKWARDS IN CHINA:  Since the 1989 Tiananmen Square protest, China has moved closer to a market economy, but further away from a democratic state. The impetus for democracy has... Read More