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Media Releases

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  • Kinship placements will create ‘Lost Generation’ of Indigenous children

    08 Dec 2014

    Indigenous-specific child protection policies will create a ‘lost generation’ trapped in disadvantage, according to a new report by The Centre for Independent Studies. Read More

  • Avoid latest fad: Education and employment key to reduce Indigenous imprisonment rate

    31 Jan 2013

    Australia must take a cautionary approach to Justice Reinvestment to avoid spending more money to achieve very little. Read More

  • More Indigenous students failing NAPLAN in all states except WA & QLD

    27 Jun 2012

    NAPLAN results show plummeting standards of Indigenous education across the country, according to a new report titled Indigenous Education 2012 from The Centre for Independent Studies. Read More

  • Fresh Thinking Needed for Fresher Food

    Sara Hudson | 25 May 2010

    Outback Stores in remote Indigenous communities have done nothing to improve healthy eating in these areas, argues a new report released by The Centre for Independent Studies (CIS) this week. Read More

  • No Excuses Schooling Needed to End High Indigenous Failure Rates

    Helen Hughes AO 1928 - 2013 | 27 Apr 2010

    The bottom 150 schools in Australia are nearly all Indigenous schools when ranked using the 2009 NAPLAN results, highlights a new report released by The Centre for Independent Studies (CIS) this week. Read More

  • Indigenous Australians Denied Employment by Inept Polices

    Helen Hughes AO 1928 - 2013 | 25 Feb 2010

    Indigenous unemployment is stuck at 15% while unemployment in the rest of Australia is back to 5.3%. Yet in their paper Indigenous Employment, Unemployment and Labour Force Participation: Facts for Evidence... Read More

  • Indigenous Health Short-Changed by a Lack of Accountability

    Sara Hudson | 02 Dec 2009

    Over the past 10 years, funding for Indigenous health programs has increased by 245% with no appreciable improvements in health outcomes, shows a new report being released this Wednesday. Read More

  • CDEP: Help or Hindrance?

    Sara Hudson | 08 Jul 2009

    CDEP POLICY KEEPS INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OUT OF JOBS AND WITHOUT SERVICES: Established in the 1970s as a transition to work program, the Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP) has become an obstacle... Read More


    Helen Hughes AO 1928 - 2013 | 13 Apr 2009

    Governments have been setting targets to ‘close the gap’ in Indigenous education for the past 20 years, and yet literacy and numeracy have not improved. Large volumes of taxpayer funds have been committed,... Read More


    Sara Hudson | 05 Mar 2009

    The great Australian dream of owning one’s own home has been denied to Indigenous Australians by excessive government bureaucracy, says a report being released on Thursday. Read More

  • Indigenous Education in the Northern Territory

    Helen Hughes AO 1928 - 2013 | 07 Apr 2008

     Failure of Indigenous Education in the Northern Territory: The Northern Territory government has known for the past ten years that education for most Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children is... Read More

  • Indigenous Participation in University Education

    Joe Lane | 30 Nov -0001

    SELLING SHORT INDIGENOUS HIGHER EDUCATION PARTICIPATION The government’s use of race-based ‘average’ educational performance measures denigrates Indigenous achievement, ignoring the achievements... Read More

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    A. Hamlin | 30 Nov -0001

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