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Media Releases

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  • More US military forces needed in Australia to guarantee security

    24 Sep 2014

    With the global balance of military power rapidly shifting, Australia should deepen its military alliance with United States and strengthen its security ties with India and Indonesia, finds a Centre for... Read More

  • US force needed to counteract China's military resurgence in Asia

    13 Mar 2014

    US leadership has secured relative peace in the Indo-Pacific since World War II, and is essential to avoiding runaway Chinese territorial demands. Read More

  • Authoritarian China prospers without democracy

    31 Oct 2013

    Is China's one-party state heading towards a crisis that will force it to democratise or die? Read More

  • Brace for Euro implosion - drop tax plans now

    09 Aug 2011 | CIS

    As the world economy moves towards the abyss, the Gillard government must postpone the introduction of carbon and mining taxes or risk looking irresponsible, warns The Centre for Independent Studies (CIS). Read More

  • How the US can manage expectations of US-China talks

    19 Jan 2011 | Time Magazine

    Whoever is leading China is not a dominant leader with real power, but a figure riding a streak of tigers often pulling in different directions. Read More

  • China is neither friend nor foe

    John Lee | 30 Apr 2010

    China is too big, too proud and too independently mined to be tamed states a new report released by the Centre for Independent Studies (CIS) this week. Read More

  • The Importance of India: restoring sight to Australia’s strategic blind spot

    John Lee | 05 Nov 2009

    Australia’s eyes wide shut to India: Australia must recognise the growing confidence, power and influence of India if we are to remain a relevant middle power within our own region, argues a report being... Read More

  • Putting democracy in China on hold

    John Lee | 28 May 2008

    WHY DEMOCRACY IS GOING BACKWARDS IN CHINA:  Since the 1989 Tiananmen Square protest, China has moved closer to a market economy, but further away from a democratic state. The impetus for democracy has... Read More

  • Five Out of Ten: A Performance Report on RAMSI

    Gaurav Sodhi | 28 Jan 2008

    Five Out of Ten: A Performance Report on RAMSI: The Solomon Islands is stagnating despite thirty years of aid flows of hundreds of millions of dollars, innumerable consultants’ reports and development... Read More

  • Why power is America's weakness

    Owen Harries | 26 Jul 2004

    Comparisons may be odious and analogies tricky, but they can be indispensable. Which ones are chosen, however, is a matter of some importance. In the current debate over Iraq, the analogy of choice has... Read More