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Media Releases

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  • Public money for public benefit, not political purposes

    30 Oct 2014

    The economic imbalance in Commonwealth-State financial relations highlighted in recent reports from the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) and the National Commission of Audit was not... Read More

  • Driving efficiencies in the overblown public sector

    29 May 2014

    The Abbott government should introduce competitive pressures to drive efficiencies in the public sector, and introduce greater choice for customers. Read More

  • Privatise Health in NSW or Perish

    11 Jul 2012

    With health spending set to consume the entire state budget by 2033, the NSW Government should privatise public hospital services to avoid a financial catastrophe. Read More

  • More Indigenous students failing NAPLAN in all states except WA & QLD

    27 Jun 2012

    NAPLAN results show plummeting standards of Indigenous education across the country, according to a new report titled Indigenous Education 2012 from The Centre for Independent Studies. Read More

  • Brace for Euro implosion - drop tax plans now

    09 Aug 2011 | CIS

    As the world economy moves towards the abyss, the Gillard government must postpone the introduction of carbon and mining taxes or risk looking irresponsible, warns The Centre for Independent Studies (CIS). Read More

  • Research Shows More to a Federal Charter of Rights Than Meets the Eye

    Elise Parham | 28 Jan 2010

    Australian evidence shows that a national charter of rights would hinder democracy, argues a new report being released Thursday. In Behind the Moral Curtain: The Politics of a Charter of Rights, CIS policy... Read More

  • The Importance of India: restoring sight to Australia’s strategic blind spot

    John Lee | 05 Nov 2009

    Australia’s eyes wide shut to India: Australia must recognise the growing confidence, power and influence of India if we are to remain a relevant middle power within our own region, argues a report being... Read More

  • Why America will lead the ‘Asian Century’

    John Lee | 19 Aug 2009

    WHY AMERICA WILL LEAD THE ‘ASIAN CENTURY’  The beginning of the end of America’s strategic primacy in Asia is commonly predicted. We are supposed to be entering a China-led Asian Century but, a... Read More

  • Democracy: The Threat Posed by Political Expenditure Laws

    Andrew Norton | 31 Jul 2009

    NGO donations put at risk by electoral laws The federal parliament is close to passing new laws which will ban or deter donors to non-government organisations, says a new report being released on Friday.   Read More


    Robert Carling | 09 Jul 2009

    Federal politicians should face pay cuts for fiscal irresponsibility as part of a radical overhaul of the Charter of Budget Honesty, according to a new paper from the Centre for Independent Studies, Fiscal... Read More

  • Supping With the Devil: Government Contracts and the Non-Profit Sector

    Peter Saunders | 25 May 2009

    There was a time when it was easy to look at the formal organisations in a modern society like Australia and identify three clear sectors. Government (public sector) made laws and generally ran things.... Read More

  • Local Governments Could Provide Schools and Fast Development Approvals if They Receive More Than Just ‘Recognition’ in the Constitution.

    Oliver Marc Hartwich | 29 Jan 2009

    A new report by Dr Oliver Hartwich of the Centre for Independent Studies says that local governments are weak and their dependence on state government largesse and legislation is disempowering local communities. Read More

  • Symbolism: Finding a Place for Local Government in Australia’s Constitution

    Oliver Marc Hartwich | 22 Jan 2009

    LOCAL GOVERNMENTS NEED MORE THAN JUST RECOGNITION FROM THE PM: Local governments could provide better services, like schools and fast development approvals if they received a higher proportion of tax... Read More