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Media Releases

  • National apology must lift taboo on adoption

    Jeremy Sammut | 19 Mar 2013

    Child protection policies endanger children by failing to remove them from unfit parents – and the forthcoming national apology for forced adoption could make the situation worse.... Read More

  • Fix unsustainable government spending: TARGET30 launch

    Simon Cowan | 06 Mar 2013

    Australia must act now if future generations are to escape the burdens of higher taxation, more debt and lower standards of living.... Read More

  • Fears of Asian Century Skills Shortages Unfounded

    Benjamin Herscovitch | 19 Feb 2013

    Policy proposals worth billions of dollars to equip Australia for the Asian Century would be a waste of taxpayers’ dollars.... Read More

  • Avoid latest fad: Education and employment key to reduce Indigenous imprisonment rate

    Sara Hudson | 31 Jan 2013

    Australia must take a cautionary approach to Justice Reinvestment to avoid spending more money to achieve very little.... Read More

  • International rankings hold little value for Australia’s education future

    Jennifer Buckingham | 18 Dec 2012

    Australia’s unique education system must not be sacrificed in the pursuit of an unattainable goal to improve our international rankings.... Read More

  • Industrial Relations Reform a Mixed Bag

    Alexander Philipatos | 06 Dec 2012

    Industrial relations reform in Australia has been a mixed bag.... Read More

  • Don’t raise the super guarantee rate

    Stephen Kirchner | 26 Nov 2012

    Abandon plans to increase the superannuation guarantee’s compulsory contribution rate from 9% to 12%.... Read More

  • ‘Monster’ Disability Scheme to blowout by billions

    Andrew Baker | 15 Nov 2012

    The annual cost of the National Disability Insurance Scheme is set to blowout by at least $7 billion.... Read More

  • Axe 'dud subs' and look to nuclear option, says new report

    Simon Cowan | 24 Oct 2012

    The government is poised to commit to building 12 new diesel ‘Future Submarines’ at a cost of $40 billion without even considering the option of more efficient, more powerful nuclear-powered submarines.... Read More

  • Looming fiscal debacle needs immediate fix

    Robert Carling | 28 Sep 2012

    Australia must take heed of the current sovereign debt crisis in Europe to avoid heading down the same perilous path.... Read More

  • Asia literacy alarm out of touch with Australia's multicultural reality

    Benjamin Herscovitch | 05 Sep 2012

    Australia is well-positioned to prosper in the Asian Century thanks to our multicultural society's readymade Asia literacy.... Read More

  • Privatise Health in NSW or Perish

    David Gadiel and Jeremy Sammut | 11 Jul 2012

    With health spending set to consume the entire state budget by 2033, the NSW Government should privatise public hospital services to avoid a financial catastrophe.... Read More

  • More Indigenous students failing NAPLAN in all states except WA & QLD

    Helen Hughes AO 1928 - 2013 and Mark Hughes | 27 Jun 2012

    NAPLAN results show plummeting standards of Indigenous education across the country, according to a new report titled Indigenous Education 2012 from The Centre for Independent Studies.... Read More


    Oliver Marc Hartwich and Robert Carling | 04 Apr 2012

    Australians have spent the first 95 days of 2012 working for the government. ‘This year, 5 April marks the first day Australians will start working for themselves, or Tax Freedom Day,’ according to...... Read More

  • Scrap the government’s piggy-bank

    Robert Carling and Stephen Kirchner | 20 Feb 2012 | The Centre for Independent Studies

    It is better to grow the Australian economy faster today by spending on productivity-enhancing infrastructure and establishing a lower tax burden than for the government to hoard financial and other assets...... Read More

  • Not much Christmas cheer as Aussies get ripped off and overcharged

    Oliver Marc Hartwich and Rebecca Gill | 12 Dec 2011 | The Centre for Independent Studies

    Australians are being ripped off according to the report Price Drivers - Five Case Studies in How Government is Making Australia Unaffordable.... Read More

  • Brace for Euro implosion - drop tax plans now

    Oliver Marc Hartwich | 09 Aug 2011 | CIS

    As the world economy moves towards the abyss, the Gillard government must postpone the introduction of carbon and mining taxes or risk looking irresponsible, warns The Centre for Independent Studies (CIS).... Read More

  • Enough water not enough ideas, says CIS report

    Rebecca Gill | 31 Mar 2011

    In Droughts and Flooding Rains: Water Provision for a Growing Australia, CIS Researcher Rebecca Gill argues that we have the technology and innovation to ensure that Australia’s water resources can continue...... Read More

  • Paying Your Way For GP Visits Will Cut Hospital Queues, Says CIS Report

    Jeremy Sammut | 16 Mar 2011

    In How! Not How Much: Medicare Spending and Health Resource Allocation in Australia, CIS Research Fellow Dr Jeremy Sammut argues that how we currently overspend on minor health issues through Medicare...... Read More

  • Malaysia Still Held Back by Affirmative Action

    John Lee | 24 Feb 2011

    In Malaysian Dilemma: The Enduring Cancer of Affirmative Action, CIS Foreign Policy Research Fellow Dr John Lee argues that the New Economic Model (NEM) announced by Prime Minister Najib Razak is the first...... Read More