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Media Releases

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  • Foreign investors not to blame for high house prices

    Stephen Kirchner | 10 Jul 2014

    Foreign investors and domestic investors are no more to blame for rising house prices than first-home buyers.... Read More

  • Government should scrap unfair paid parental leave proposal

    Matthew Taylor | 07 Jul 2014

    The Abbott government should overhaul its paid parental leave in favour of a loans scheme similar to HECS. ... Read More

  • Tyranny of tolerance threatens religious freedom

    Peter Kurti | 01 Jul 2014

    The right to freedom of religious belief is being trumped by other rights such as the right not to be discriminated against on grounds of sexual orientation.... Read More

  • Driving efficiencies in the overblown public sector

    Alexander Philipatos | 29 May 2014

    The Abbott government should introduce competitive pressures to drive efficiencies in the public sector, and introduce greater choice for customers.... Read More

  • CIS response to Commission of Audit's bold recommendations

    Simon Cowan | 01 May 2014

    The Abbott government must heed the advice in the Commission of Audit's report released today.... Read More

  • CIS' 8 tips to education savings

    Jennifer Buckingham | 30 Apr 2014

    Governments should look to the most effective ways of funding education.... Read More

  • Boost adoption rate through national target

    Jeremy Sammut | 16 Apr 2014

    Over 5,000 children could be adopted each year within Australia compared to the 210 children currently, if the Abbott government a national adoption target.... Read More

  • Tax freedom: 10 April is day of fiscal emancipation

    Robert Carling | 10 Apr 2014

    Thursday, 10 April, marks the point in the calendar year when Australians are free from the burden of paying taxes.... Read More

  • Crisis looms over level of state government debt

    Robert Carling | 20 Mar 2014

    While Commonwealth government net debt has increased rapidly to $153 billion over the last six years, little attention has been paid to the dramatic increase in state government debt to $43 billion.... Read More

  • US force needed to counteract China's military resurgence in Asia

    Benjamin Herscovitch | 13 Mar 2014

    US leadership has secured relative peace in the Indo-Pacific since World War II, and is essential to avoiding runaway Chinese territorial demands.... Read More

  • Slash red tape for charities by slashing regulator

    Helen Andrews | 06 Feb 2014

    The Abbott government must remain firm in its pledge to abolish the charities commission and reduce red tape on charities.... Read More

  • Family breakdown increases risk of child sexual abuse

    Jeremy Sammut | 30 Jan 2014

    Children are at greater risk of sexual abuse in broken families as opposed to their peers in two parent biological families.... Read More

  • Implement Fiscal Commission to counter future budget crisis

    Stephen Kirchner | 12 Dec 2013

    Australia needs to strengthen its fiscal institutions and rules, and hold government to account, to prevent a future fiscal crisis.... Read More

  • The death blow to car industry assistance

    Simon Cowan | 11 Dec 2013

    The departure of Holden is a clear sign that corporate welfare doesn't work.... Read More

  • Resist the advance of hard multiculturalism

    Peter Kurti | 10 Dec 2013

    'Soft' multiculturalism has given way to a new, 'hard' multiculturalism, which questions the legitimacy of a core national culture.... Read More

  • Cut spending to solve 'budget emergency'

    Simon Cowan | 21 Nov 2013

    The Abbott government can remedy its 'budget emergency' by implementing measures that will save an estimated $20 billion a year.... Read More

  • Authoritarian China prospers without democracy

    Benjamin Herscovitch | 31 Oct 2013

    Is China's one-party state heading towards a crisis that will force it to democratise or die?... Read More

  • Competition the key to saving public hospitals

    Jeremy Sammut | 14 Oct 2013

    Australia will not be able to fund our $40 billion a year public hospital sector if costs and usage continue at the current rate.... Read More

  • Tax reform to save Australians $37 billion

    Robert Carling | 07 Aug 2013

    Under the CIS' TARGET30 goal, taxes could ultimately be reduced by the equivalent of $37 billion a year in 2011-12 terms.... Read More

  • Government manipulating unemployment rate for political benefit

    Andrew Baker | 31 Jul 2013

    The government has been deceiving the Australian public on unemployment figures.... Read More