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Opinion & Commentary


Opinion and Commentary contains media articles written by CIS researchers.  Communications Manager: Karla Pincott 0411 759 934

  • The East and South China seas debate Australia has to have

    Benjamin Herscovitch | 30 Jul 2015 | China Spectator

    Beyond some mooted language changes on the US-Australian alliance and Japan-Australia relations, traditional foreign policy was largely left out of the discussion about Labor’s new national...... Read More

  • The great immigration menace - another ‘lump of labour’ fallacy tale

    Patrick Carvalho | 28 Jul 2015 | SBS

    Immigrants do not threaten our jobs — on the contrary, they create new possibilities and demand in our economy.... Read More

  • Don’t hike the GST, reform hospital spending instead

    Jeremy Sammut | 23 Jul 2015 | ABC The Drum

    Under no circumstances should the GST rate be raised to pour larger sums of taxpayer’s money into the fiscal black holes of state government health services.... Read More

  • Federal comfort zones must be abandoned

    Robert Carling | 22 Jul 2015 | Canberra Times

    Much has been said about the contest between political expediency and visionary leadership in the recent conduct of public policy.... Read More

  • The big problem with raising the GST

    Robert Carling | 21 Jul 2015 | Business Spectator

    Mike Baird’s daring call for a 50% increase in the GST has put a bold idea on the table and is to be commended for that. But that doesn’t necessarily mean his prescription is good for the country.... Read More

  • Queering their pitch

    Peter Kurti | 17 Jul 2015 | The Spectator

    In the wake of the Irish referendum in May and the decision of the United States Supreme Court in Obergefell v Hodges, same-sex marriage proponents in Australia have the winds of change at their backs...... Read More

  • Australia must choose between China and the US

    Benjamin Herscovitch | 16 Jul 2015 | China Spectator

    The high-wire diplomatic juggling act of managing Australia’s all-important ties with China and the US has for years been the subject of a solid bipartisan consensus.  ... Read More

  • The government still doesn’t get childcare

    Trisha Jha | 15 Jul 2015 | SBS

    Despite the 2015 Budget’s huge increase in childcare spending, the government still isn’t addressing the key problems with childcare.  ... Read More

  • Tackling a glaring problem in the jobs market

    Patrick Carvalho | 15 Jul 2015 | Business Spectator

    How can Australia best tackle the skills mismatch challenge?... Read More

  • The Nats aren't happy when the ag industry is treated like any other

    Simon Cowan | 14 Jul 2015

    ‘Agriculture is at the heart of the Australian identity’ or so the government’s Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper assures us.... Read More

  • Pensioners are prudent by relying on taxpayers

    Simon Cowan | 10 Jul 2015 | Newcastle Herald

    Australia is currently having an overdue debate on retirement income policy. However, as the government and opposition both rule out certain options for political reasons, we risk the retirement system...... Read More

  • A Golden Rule for Australia’s Fiscal Spending

    Patrick Carvalho | 08 Jul 2015 | Canberra Times

    Australians seeking an answer on how to reign in the fiscal deterioration of the last decade should turn their eyes to Europe. More precisely, to Switzerland.... Read More

  • School funding report makes flawed case for full Gonski reforms

    Jennifer Buckingham | 04 Jul 2015 | The Australian

    As we pass the halfway mark of the four year federal education budget cycle, attention is turning once again to the issue of schools funding.... Read More

  • There’s more to the burka than a choice of attire

    Peter Kurti | 03 Jul 2015 | The Australian

    National measures announced by the Abbott government in the past month, along with comments this week by the Prime Minister in Singapore, signal the start of a ser­ious debate about the need to combat...... Read More

  • My church is wrong to think coal is evil

    Peter Kurti | 01 Jul 2015 | The Daily Telegraph

    FEARFUL of falling out of step with the fashionable morality of other churches, Sydney Anglican diocese’s investment arm, the $262 million Glebe Administration Board (GAB), is revising its policy with...... Read More

  • Beijing will beat Washington in the South China Sea’s battle of wills

    Benjamin Herscovitch | 26 Jun 2015 | China Spectator

    At the opening of the seventh annual United States-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue earlier this week, US Vice-President Joe Biden launched yet another diplomatic broadside against Chinese territorial...... Read More

  • When the recession comes

    Patrick Carvalho | 25 Jun 2015 | Business Spectator

     The crucial question is how well are we prepared as a nation to cope with a recessionary scenario?... Read More

  • Fees for state schools: don't jump to conclusions

    Jennifer Buckingham | 22 Jun 2015 | ABC The Drum

    There are few things more likely to ignite passionate opinions than school funding. Even a hint of any change that does not involve increased public funding generates news and controversy. The tiniest...... Read More

  • Pension reform: Pensioner against pensioner or old against young?

    Matthew Taylor | 18 Jun 2015 | SBS

    Upon announcing that the opposition would not support the government’s budget measure to move the wealthiest age pensioners off payment, Bill Shorten accused the government of “setting pensioner...... Read More

  • China-Australia Free Trade Agreement: The lump of labour fallacy resurges

    Patrick Carvalho | 18 Jun 2015 | ABC The Drum

    The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) is a landmark victory for Australians, opening up a cornucopia of future export opportunities. Yet unions and industry groups were quick to criticise the...... Read More