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Opinion & Commentary


Opinion and Commentary contains media articles written by CIS researchers.  Communications Manager: Karla Pincott 0411 759 934

  • Kiwis put ETS on the shelf

    15 Dec 2011 | The Australian Financial Review

    New Zealand’s realistic policy approach, combined with its almost defunct carbon market, should be a real wake-up call for Australia to reconsider its ill-fated Carbon Tax Scheme. Read More

  • Land of the long white cloud faces bad weather

    24 Nov 2011 | The Age

    SINCE 2008, New Zealand has been led by former investment banker John Key's National Party. The party campaigned on growing New Zealand's economy and encouraging individual enterprise. However, three years... Read More

  • Kiwis facing a critical choice

    24 Nov 2011 | Australian Financial Review

    New Zealand must overcome challenging economic conditions, writes Luke Malpass Read More

  • Spending Spree wasted decade of prosperity

    18 Nov 2011 | The National Business Review

    NZ’s decade long spending binge was prosperity wasted. Read More

  • Stop pricing young workers out of the labour force

    10 Jun 2011 | The Dominion Post

    Minimum wages hurt employment prospects for the people they're intended to help. Read More

  • The Don reignites the war of ideas

    13 May 2011 | Spectator

    Dr Don Brash’s return to politics will breathe new life into New Zealand’s political debate, start a healthy battle of ideas and finally see the important policies debated. Read More

  • Brash’s ‘extremist’ policies seen as sensible in Australia

    03 May 2011 | The Dominion Post

    Don Brash’s economic policies are closer to Julia Gillard’s in Australia, a country whose standard of living is significantly higher than New Zealand’s. Read More

  • New Zealand's risky re-regulation path

    Luke Malpass | 03 Nov 2010 | Business Spectator

    The recent rise of wrong-headed economic populism in New Zealand brings the threat of protectionism in an economy that is already woefully stagnant. Read More

  • New Zealand’s great regression

    Luke Malpass | 20 Oct 2010 | The American, Journal of the American Enterprise Institute

    New Zealand was once a beacon to the Western world for classical liberal reform. No longer. Where did it all go wrong? Read More

  • Little John shows Kevin how it's done

    Luke Malpass | 04 Jun 2010 | The Australian

    Soon after John Key was elected Prime Minister of New Zealand in late 2008, he visited Kevin Rudd. The Australian Prime Minister was at the height of his popularity, soaring in the polls, saving Australia... Read More

  • MMP struggles in Germany, now it struggles here

    Luke Malpass | 26 Mar 2010 | The National Business Review

    MMP in Germany suffers the same problems as MMP in New Zealand and New Zealand should learn from this. Read More

  • The high price of subsidies

    Luke Malpass | 14 Feb 2010 | Sunday Star-Times

    Like virtually all industry assistance schemes, the feel-good factor of the New Zealand government’s subsidy to the makers of Avatar outweighs any economic benefit. Read More

  • Labour should not take its eyes off the target

    Stephen Kirchner | 21 Dec 2009 | The Dominion Post

    Twenty years after introducing inflation targeting in 1989 and revolutionising central bank governance that was to sweep the world during the 1990s, Labour is back in opposition and rejected the monetary... Read More

  • Hostility to aspiration and the tall poppy syndrome hold New Zealand back

    Luke Malpass | 13 Dec 2009 | The Sunday Star Times

    In last week’s Sunday Star Times, Rod Oram dubiously claims the 2025 Taskforce's analysis is inaccurate, lazy and shallow, and dismisses the chairman’s credentials and the report’s findings. Read More

  • Kiwi monetary muddle

    Stephen Kirchner | 23 Nov 2009 | The Wall Street Journal

    The falling U.S. dollar is sparking a dangerous debate about the New Zealand central bank's role. Read More

  • Smartest Kiwis nest in our warmer climate

    Luke Malpass | 14 Nov 2009 | The Newcastle Herald

    For the half a million Kiwis living in Australia, the New Zealand government’s goal of reaching Australia’s living standards by 2025 will come as a welcome tonic, if only for the sake of their relatives... Read More

  • Life’s joys get a little lost down holes of health-cost analyses

    Eric Crampton | 21 Oct 2009 | The Canberra Times

    Any time we make a decision that lets us enjoy a bit of fun but with some risk to our health, that decision is considered irrational and cannot generate any real enjoyment. Read More

  • ‘Healthist’ doomsayers are spoiling all our fun

    Eric Crampton | 16 Oct 2009 | The New Zealand Herald

    The hidden cost of healthist cost reports is the slow erosion of liberty that ensues when we take them at face value. By conflating the costs that risk-takers impose on themselves with the costs they impose... Read More

  • Incentivising welfare

    John Humphreys | 12 Jun 2009 | NZ Centre for Political Research

    The Key government campaigned on reforming welfare, but as the recession bites deeper we shall see if John Key and Paula Bennett are serious or not. Read More

  • Kiwi Crunch Time

    Luke Malpass | 26 May 2009 | Wall Street Journal Asia

    NZ Prime Minister John Key often talks about his desire to grow New Zealand out of the global economic recession, rather than bail the country out through huge spending packages. This puts him at odds... Read More

  • Kiwisaver or KiwiSucker?

    Phil Rennie | 07 May 2008 | The Wall Street Journal Asia

    You’d have to be an idiot not to join KiwiSaver, according to most financial advisors. In effect the government is paying you thousands of dollars to join, and soon employers will have to contribute... Read More

  • Time for Politicians to treat our money more carefully

    | 17 May 2007 | The Press

    This week’s budget will be the biggest spend-up in New Zealand’s history. Even in the days of Muldoon there was nothing to rival the $54 billion spend-up that Dr Michael Cullen will unveil on Thursday. Read More

  • A breather before bingeing

    Phil Rennie | 17 May 2007 | The New Zealand Herald

    Finance Minister Dr Cullen is in an enviable position, despite his protestations of poverty. Every year he receives billions of dollars in bonus tax that he did not expect. Most treasurers around the world... Read More

  • Growth needs basic rules

    Wolfgang Kasper | 28 Jun 2002 | The New Zealand Herald

    The New Zealand economy is one of the freest in the world. This still holds true despite its freedom rating having slipped somewhat since the bold economic reforms that ended a decade ago. Read More