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Opinion & Commentary


Opinion and Commentary contains media articles written by CIS researchers.

  • The challenge facing the Abbott government

    Simon Cowan | 21 Nov 2013 | The Drum

    For the Coalition's rhetoric on the 'budget emergency' to mean anything, cuts need to be made to corporate welfare and Family Tax Benefit.... Read More

  • Stamp duty needs reform

    Robert Carling | 19 Nov 2013 | The Australian Financial Review

    Governments should be wary of the extreme volatility of stamp duty revenue, which often goes up or down by up to 40 per cent in a single year.... Read More

  • China’s adaptive authoritarianism is here to stay

    Benjamin Herscovitch | 18 Nov 2013 | ON LINE Opinion

    Capitalist liberal democracy’s twentieth century victories against expansionist fascism and communism were hard-won and yet also unequivocal.... Read More

  • $haria Law

    Peter Kurti | 15 Nov 2013 | Quadrant Online

    If sukuk bonds go mainstream, as is poised to happen in Britain with David Cameron's blessing, the way will be open for the wider introduction of Islamic principles. Is the likely erosion of Common Law...... Read More

  • Hockey must by guided by the mantra of Mr Micawber

    Greg Lindsay | 14 Nov 2013 | The Australian Financial Review

    The burden of restoring balance to our fiscal position will fall on future generations. The moral aspect of this problem is intense and needs to be addressed now.... Read More

  • Beijing's reforms entrench a democratic deficit

    Benjamin Herscovitch | 08 Nov 2013 | Business Spectator

    China’s enduring authoritarianism seems out of place at a time of explosive protest movements in Turkey, Brazil, Egypt and elsewhere in the developing world.... Read More

  • Banking on China’s democratic deficit

    Benjamin Herscovitch | 05 Nov 2013 | The Strategist

    The scale of China’s challenges is staggering but the CCP is well placed to tackle mounting institutional, social, political and environmental problems.... Read More

  • Memo to Abbott: Time is money we can’t afford

    Simon Cowan | 04 Nov 2013 | The Australian Financial Review

    The idea that a government needs to point to a specific electoral mandate for each of its actions is a furphy.... Read More

  • Age of prosperity no longer a path to democracy

    Benjamin Herscovitch | 31 Oct 2013 | The Drum

    Increasing prosperity will encourage minor democratic reforms, but it will only push nations a few steps down the long and arduous path to democracy.... Read More

  • Ending racism does not require respect

    Benjamin Herscovitch | 29 Oct 2013 | Open Forum

    Creating a tolerant Australia only demands benign indifference to diversity.... Read More

  • How hospitals can cure themselves

    Greg Lindsay | 17 Oct 2013 | The Australian Financial Review

    The key to addressing the challenges facing the health system is to boost public-sector productivity.... Read More

  • We need more bang for our health dollars

    Jeremy Sammut | 15 Oct 2013 | ON LINE Opinion

    Australia will face problems funding its public hospital and other publicly funded health services if cost increases continue.... Read More

  • P-word may be electoral poison but we must adapt

    Jeremy Sammut | 14 Oct 2013 | The Australian

    Australia will face problems funding the cost of Medicare if spending on public hospitals continues to grow at the same rate.... Read More

  • Credit controls won’t fix housing

    Stephen Kirchner | 03 Oct 2013 | The Australian Financial Review

    The danger is not a house price bubble, but that policy makers will attempt to suppress demand rather than stimulate supply.... Read More

  • A round of drinks speaks all languages in Asia literacy debate

    Benjamin Herscovitch | 03 Oct 2013 | ON LINE Opinion

    Both sides of politics clearly need an Asia literacy reality check.... Read More

  • Bad teaching kills reading skills

    Jennifer Buckingham | 30 Sep 2013 | The Australian

    Billions of dollars have been spent in the past decade on programs aimed at improving literacy, yet thousands of children still struggle with basic reading skills.... Read More

  • A dollar of super is not a dollar saved

    Stephen Kirchner | 25 Sep 2013 | Business Spectator

    Does compulsory superannuation increase saving? The answer is less obvious than many people suppose.... Read More

  • Minor party success is a major tick for democracy

    Greg Lindsay | 19 Sep 2013 | The Australian Financial Review

    To lose the possibility of injecting new DNA into the Senate would be a retrograde move and chalk up another victory for the political classes.... Read More

  • Sick Medicare needs mending

    Jeremy Sammut | 06 Sep 2013 | Business Spectator

    Rising healthcare costs should be a critical spending issue for Canberra.... Read More

  • Education landscape: The next 10 years?

    Jennifer Buckingham | 01 Sep 2013 | Learning Difficulties Australia

    Schools are facing a great deal of uncertainty but we can identify some policy themes, both in Australia and overseas, to describe some macro-trends.... Read More