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Opinion & Commentary


Opinion and Commentary contains media articles written by CIS researchers.

  • We need more bang for our health dollars

    Jeremy Sammut | 15 Oct 2013 | ON LINE Opinion

    Australia will face problems funding its public hospital and other publicly funded health services if cost increases continue.... Read More

  • P-word may be electoral poison but we must adapt

    Jeremy Sammut | 14 Oct 2013 | The Australian

    Australia will face problems funding the cost of Medicare if spending on public hospitals continues to grow at the same rate.... Read More

  • Credit controls won’t fix housing

    Stephen Kirchner | 03 Oct 2013 | The Australian Financial Review

    The danger is not a house price bubble, but that policy makers will attempt to suppress demand rather than stimulate supply.... Read More

  • A round of drinks speaks all languages in Asia literacy debate

    Benjamin Herscovitch | 03 Oct 2013 | ON LINE Opinion

    Both sides of politics clearly need an Asia literacy reality check.... Read More

  • Bad teaching kills reading skills

    Jennifer Buckingham | 30 Sep 2013 | The Australian

    Billions of dollars have been spent in the past decade on programs aimed at improving literacy, yet thousands of children still struggle with basic reading skills.... Read More

  • A dollar of super is not a dollar saved

    Stephen Kirchner | 25 Sep 2013 | Business Spectator

    Does compulsory superannuation increase saving? The answer is less obvious than many people suppose.... Read More

  • Minor party success is a major tick for democracy

    Greg Lindsay | 19 Sep 2013 | The Australian Financial Review

    To lose the possibility of injecting new DNA into the Senate would be a retrograde move and chalk up another victory for the political classes.... Read More

  • Sick Medicare needs mending

    Jeremy Sammut | 06 Sep 2013 | Business Spectator

    Rising healthcare costs should be a critical spending issue for Canberra.... Read More

  • Education landscape: The next 10 years?

    Jennifer Buckingham | 01 Sep 2013 | Learning Difficulties Australia

    Schools are facing a great deal of uncertainty but we can identify some policy themes, both in Australia and overseas, to describe some macro-trends.... Read More

  • The Magic Pudding

    Steven Schwartz | 30 Aug 2013 | ON LINE Opinion

    Giving Holden a handout is like putting bandaids on a corpse.... Read More

  • Manufacturing votes and hindering business

    Simon Cowan | 30 Aug 2013 | Business Spectator

    Attempts to justify the largesse that goes from taxpayers to the manufacturing industry are not persuasive.... Read More

  • The enemy within NSW child protection

    Jeremy Sammut | 28 Aug 2013 | ON LINE Opinion

    The real and systemic problem with child protection in Australia concerns the large number of children who are re-reported because of unresolved safety concerns.... Read More

  • Don't bank on PEFO projections

    Simon Cowan | 26 Aug 2013 | ON LINE Opinion

    The Projection of a surplus in 2016/17 is a chimera, based on long-term averages and unrealistic assumptions.... Read More

  • Spot the difference in educational policy

    Jennifer Buckingham | 20 Aug 2013 | The Australian Financial Review

    There are important points of contrast between the major parties on school education policy.... Read More

  • NBN lift is more hope than reality

    Steven Schwartz | 08 Aug 2013 | The Australian Financial Review

    There is no evidence that spending billions of dollars on the NBN will increase our economic productivity.... Read More

  • Tax cuts the way to go

    Robert Carling | 07 Aug 2013 | The Australian Financial Review

    Tax reform of the tax-reducing kind would give the Australian economy a long-lasting supply side boost.... Read More

  • Reform and reduce: A hopeful tax mantra

    Robert Carling | 07 Aug 2013 | Business Spectator

    Tax reform seems destined to return to the policy agenda.... Read More

  • Fiddling with criteria to hide unemployed

    Andrew Baker | 31 Jul 2013 | The Australian

    The government has been hiding the unemployed on unemployment benefits by turning them from 'jobseekers' into 'non-jobseekers.'... Read More

  • Federal government has no place in the classroom

    Jennifer Buckingham | 30 Jul 2013 | The Drum

    The best thing a new federal government can do for education is to establish a fair and neutral funding system, provide good teachers, then get out of the way.... Read More

  • Infrastructure, not entitlement, needed to boost productivity

    Greg Lindsay | 25 Jul 2013 | The Australian Financial Review

    Wasteful misspending by the government has a high opportunity cost that strikes at the heart of productivity and competitiveness.... Read More