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Opinion & Commentary


Opinion and Commentary contains media articles written by CIS researchers.  Communications Manager: Karla Pincott 0411 759 934

  • Like it or not, national character owes much to the mother country

    Nick Cater | 15 Feb 2014 | The Australian

    It is safe to assume that the academics responsible for the Australian Curriculum would disagree with Daniel Hannan's proposition that the English-speaking people are blessed with an exceptional virtue.... Read More

  • Time to scrap the charity commission

    Helen Andrews | 15 Feb 2014 | Open Forum

    How is the ACNC performing at its goal of reducing red tape on the not-for-profit sector? ... Read More

  • Protectionism no cure for our woes

    Simon Cowan | 13 Feb 2014 | ABC The Drum

    We need to understand why the automotive industry is shutting up shop and avoid resorting to protectionism.... Read More

  • Uncharitable politics: Time to give not-for-profits back their independence

    Helen Andrews | 11 Feb 2014 | ABC Religion & Ethics

    After a year of operation, the charities commission has not made significant progress towards its goal of reducing red tape.... Read More

  • Beseech God And Fear The Greens

    Peter Kurti | 08 Feb 2014 | Quadrant Online

    The Australian Greens are gunning for God. They want the Lord’s Prayer dumped from the opening of the federal parliament’s daily sittings.... Read More

  • Australia pays the penalty for workplace awards

    Alexander Philipatos | 07 Feb 2014 | Business Spectator

    It's time restrictive and economically damaging conditions were removed from our labour market regime.... Read More

  • Cheers to the 'Charity Navigator Model'

    Helen Andrews | 07 Feb 2014 | ON LINE Opinion

    Too much red tape on charities destroys the qualities that enable these institutions of civil society to address social needs in ways that government bureaucracies can't.... Read More

  • Australia, a realisation of freedom

    Greg Lindsay | 06 Feb 2014 | The Australian Financial Review

    The intellectual drift towards modern statism and the allure of big government and centrally-planned, highly-regulated societies should chill us to the bone.... Read More

  • It's all relative: The poverty wars are back

    Matthew Taylor | 04 Feb 2014 | The Drum

    Relative poverty is a poor measure when it comes to forming public policy aimed at helping Australians who are doing it tough.... Read More

  • Reaping the whirlwind: The 'new silence' about broken families and child sexual abuse

    Jeremy Sammut | 04 Feb 2014 | ABC Religion & Ethics

    The belief that the royal commission will "break the silence" surrounding child sexual abuse is marred by evidence of the breakdown of the traditional family and the risk of child sexual abuse.... Read More

  • Abuse a bigger danger in non-traditional families

    Jeremy Sammut | 30 Jan 2014 | The Australian

    It may not be fashionable to say it, but marriage, divorce, and sole parenting do matter for children.... Read More

  • Forget trying to curb demand, build more houses

    Stephen Kirchner | 23 Jan 2014 | The Australian

    Public policy needs to focus on boosting supply of housing, rather than suppressing or diverting demand.... Read More

  • Co-payments key to affordable healthcare system

    Greg Lindsay | 09 Jan 2014 | The Australian Financial Review

    Scrapping the co-payment for GP services was one of the worst public policy decisions of the Keating government.... Read More

  • Playing the currencies game is fraught with risk

    Stephen Kirchner | 06 Jan 2014 | The Australian Financial Review

    When Treasurer Joe Hockey announced an $8.8 billion injection of funds into the Reserve Bank’s Reserve Fund, he said the RBA needed “all the ammunition in the guns for what’s before us”.... Read More

  • Bring back Medicare co-payment

    Jeremy Sammut | 19 Dec 2013 | The Australian

    The Treasury’s Mid Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook has revealed that next year’s $47 billion federal budget deficit will be at least 50% bigger than the $30 billion deficit forecast when the Abbott...... Read More

  • We must fortify fiscal rules

    Stephen Kirchner | 16 Dec 2013 | The Canberra Times

    The Commission of Audit should build on the Charter of Budget Honesty by recommending the adoption of new fiscal rules.... Read More

  • Time to end the fetish of diversity

    Peter Kurti | 16 Dec 2013 | ON LINE Opinion

    The debate about hard multiculturalism is about the weight it is deemed appropriate to afford cultures other than the prevailing Australian one.... Read More

  • Fixing our runaway spending must be more profound than cuts

    Greg Lindsay | 13 Dec 2013 | The Australian Financial Review

    If the Treasurer and Finance Minister don’t close the door now, we may have to go cold turkey on spending.... Read More

  • Multiculture melting pot threatened by hardliners

    Peter Kurti | 12 Dec 2013 | The Daily Telegraph

    Australia does not need a Multicultural Act. A stable framework of laws and institutions guarantees the freedom of the individual.... Read More

  • We are still stuck in the pre-1983 era on fiscal policy

    Stephen Kirchner | 09 Dec 2013 | The Australian Financial Review

    The floating of the dollar transformed the Australian economy, yet much of our macro-economic policy debate is still stuck in the pre-float era.... Read More