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Opinion & Commentary


Opinion and Commentary contains media articles written by CIS researchers.  Communications Manager: Karla Pincott 0411 759 934

  • Simple lessons on offer in plugging the welfare drain

    Peter Saunders | 07 Jun 2014 | The Australian

    Britain's welfare reforms show it is possible to get people off welfare and into work without a dramatic overhaul of the whole payments system.... Read More

  • China's Leninist impulses hold the country back

    Benjamin Herscovitch | 03 Jun 2014 | ABC The Drum

    Each year the CCP summarily incarcerates and places under house arrest activists, journalists and academics it worries will "provoke unrest".... Read More

  • Critics of a modest GP co-payment should get over it, healthcare has never been free

    Jeremy Sammut | 31 May 2014 | The Australian

    The cost of Medicare is increasing because health services are usually consumed without user charges, but healthcare never was and never will be "free".... Read More

  • Slashing red tape requires a broader view of social costs

    Cassandra Wilkinson | 31 May 2014 | The Australian

    Small enter­prises bear an increasingly large compliance burden that is making life tougher for them and prices higher for their customers.... Read More

  • Cut spending by cutting government

    Alexander Philipatos | 30 May 2014 | On Line Opinion

    Plans to double the efficiency dividend indicate the government is lazy about designing public service cutbacks.... Read More

  • Canberra should do less, but do what it does well

    Alexander Philipatos | 29 May 2014 | The Australian

    The efficiency dividend has failed to curb the rising cost of the public service.... Read More

  • The rage of entitlement

    Vincent Meney | 28 May 2014 | On Line Opinion

    The age of entitlement is alive and well, kicking and screaming its way through our nation’s universities.... Read More

  • Penalty rates cut will give youth a chance to find jobs

    Alexander Philipatos | 21 May 2014 | The Australian Financial Review

    The Fair Work Commission has handed down a decision that will boost the job prospects of casual workers, reducing Sunday penalty rates for hospitality workers.... Read More

  • Education funding hasn't been cut - fantasy has

    Jennifer Buckingham | 20 May 2014 | ABC The Drum

    The so-called 'cuts' or 'savings' in the federal budget for schools are cuts and savings to budgets that never actually existed.... Read More

  • The cost of PM's gold-plated parental leave

    Matthew Taylor | 19 May 2014 | The Canberra Times

    Some of the gold has been chipped off the PM's gold-plated paid parental leave scheme, yet it is still not clear what the scheme will cost.... Read More

  • Mixed messages on the handout front

    Trisha Jha | 17 May 2014 | The Australian

    When we discuss ending the age of entitlement, often we are wanting to draw a line between those who are morally worthy and those who are not. ... Read More

  • Rank case of vested interests protecting their turf

    Cassandra Wilkinson | 17 May 2014 | The Australian

    The taxi industry may see off Uber with lawsuits or lobbying but it or something like it will eventually take off because too many customers want something better.... Read More

  • Inflation must be in the tax review

    Robert Carling | 16 May 2014 | The Australian

    The cumulative effects of bracket creep are substantial and are best nipped in the bud each year rather than being allowed to build up.... Read More

  • Some progress has been made towards fixing perverse incentives

    Trisha Jha | 14 May 2014 | The Guardian

    The reforms to family tax benefits are the most significant since the current policies were first introduced as part of the GST reform package.... Read More

  • Keeping the cuts in the family

    Simon Cowan | 14 May 2014 | Business Spectator

    Joe Hockey’s first budget is a hesitant first step towards fiscal responsibility but the age of entitlement hasn’t ended yet.... Read More

  • The real threat to China’s security is internal

    Benjamin Herscovitch | 12 May 2014 | China Spectator

    The CCP is failing to rise to the challenge of maintaining social stability and internal order among diverse ethnic minority provinces.... Read More

  • Levy and parental leave scheme make bad politics

    Simon Cowan | 12 May 2014 | The Australian Financial Review

    The temporary deficit tax has joined the gold-plated PPL scheme as a policy millstone around the neck of the Prime Minister.... Read More

  • Left-Right slogan drowns out debate on federalism

    Cassandra Wilkinson | 10 May 2014 | The Australian

    The National Commission of Audit has certainly proved you can’t please all of the people all of the time.... Read More

  • A signpost away from state power

    Greg Lindsay | 07 May 2014 | The Australian Financial Review

    The Road to Serfdom did not turn out to be the expressway Hayek imagined when he published it 70 years ago.... Read More

  • Why can't wealthy parents pay for public schooling?

    Jennifer Buckingham | 05 May 2014 | ABC The Drum

    Why is such a fuss being made about wealthier families paying for public schooling?... Read More