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CIS Readings


CIS Readings bring together a number of shorter pieces on a related topic and publishes them in one volume.

  • Taxploitation II: Tax Reform for Incentive,Productivity and Economic Growth

    13 Jul 2011 | R12

    This volume reviews tax reforms implemented since the publication of Taxploitation by the CIS in 2006 and concludes that little worthwhile reform has been achieved. Ideas for far-reaching reform consistent... Read More

  • Taxploitation: The Case for Income Tax Reform

    Peter Saunders | 01 Jun 2006 | R11

    In this book edited by Peter Saunders, 10 authors explain why and how Australia's system of personal income tax needs reforming. Read More

  • Occupational Regualtion and the Public Interest

    Robert Albon | 01 Mar 1984 | R5

    Edited by Robert Albon and Greg Lindsay with contributions from 12 authors. Does occupational regulation serve the public interest or is it a means of protecting practitioners from competitors and extracting... Read More

  • A New Financial Revolution? An International Review of the Campbell Report

    Malcolm Fisher | 01 Feb 1982 | R3

    A Review of the Report of the Committee of Inquiry into the Australian Financial System (1981) which was considered the most important blueprint for financial reform in the history of Australia. Read More

  • Rent Control: Costs and Consequences

    Robert Albon | 01 Sep 1980 | R2

    Essays on the history and the economic and social consequences of rent control on Australia and overseas. Read More

  • Wage-Price Control: Myth and Reality

    Sudha R. Shenoy | 01 Feb 1978 | R1

    Edited by Sudha R Shenoy with a foreword by Professor C.G.F. Simkin. Contributions by Samuel Britan, Michael Darby, Lee Eckermann, Malclom Fisher, Milton Friedman, C. Jackson Grayson, Peter Lilley, Peter... Read More