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CIS Readings


CIS Readings bring together a number of shorter pieces on a related topic and publishes them in one volume.

  • Traditions of Liberalism: Essays on John Locke, Adam Smith and John Stuart Mill

    Knud Haakonssen | 01 Sep 1988 | R8

    The1980's has seem a remarkable revival of Classical Liberalism, the political philosophy that places a high value on individual freedom under the law and calls for strict limits on the power of the state. ... Read More

  • Hayek's 'Serfdom' Revisited

    Norman Barry | 01 Jun 1985 | R7

    Essays by economists, philosophers and political scientists on The Road to Serfdom after 40 years.  Tributes by Norman Barry, John Burton, Hannes H. Gissurarson, John Gray, Jeremy Shearmur, Karen I. Vaughn Read More