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CIS Special Publications

  • When Prophecy Fails

    09 Sep 2011 | SP12

    In their 2009 book, The Spirit Level, Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett argued for the ‘benefits’ of income redistribution. Although enthusiastically welcomed by the left, CIS Senior Fellow Peter... Read More

  • Australia's Welfare Habit and How to Kick It

    Peter Saunders | 01 Oct 2004 | SP07

    Forty years ago only 3% of working age Australians depended on welfare payments as their main source of income. Today it is 16%.  There used to be 22 workers to support each person on welfare. ... Read More

  • State of the Nation: An Agenda for Change 2004

    Jennifer Buckingham | 05 May 2004 | SP06

    This book is now in its fourth edition.  It offers independent views on Australia’s progress across a range of indicators which show that government has become increasingly interventionist, with some... Read More

  • State of the Nation 2001: A Century of Change

    Jennifer Buckingham | 05 Apr 2001 | SP04

    This major report finds that Australia is in the midst of profound social and economic change sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Read More

  • State of the Nation: Indicators of a Changing Australia 1999

    Lucy Sullivan | 02 Aug 1999 | SP02

    The expanded and revised edition of State of the Nation: Indicators of a Changing Australia 1999 is a comprehensive guide to the trends and changes in Australian life over the past century. It includes... Read More

  • State of the Nation: Statistical Indicators of Australia's Well-being

    Lucy Sullivan | 01 Apr 1997 | SP01

    The first of a series of studies of the social condition of Australia in 1997. Read More