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Ideas@TheCentre brings you ammunition for conversations around the table.  3 short articles from CIS researchers emailed every Friday on the issues of the week.

  • A more competitive Medicare

    David Gadiel | 27 Mar 2015

    Government should abolish the Schedule Fee together with the bonus for bulk billing, and save itself the cost and contradiction of paying GPs for doing so.... Read More

  • Why Britain could be headed for chaos

    Peter Saunders | 27 Mar 2015

    Don’t be surprised if the Conservatives win most votes but Labour forms a government.... Read More

  • Same-sex marriage isn't same-sex parenting

    Simon Cowan | 27 Mar 2015

    The simple fact is that, for good or ill, society has moved past the ‘traditional’ meaning of marriage.... Read More

  • Open the borders

    Trisha Jha | 20 Mar 2015

    Apart from the ever-present issue of asylum seeker and refugee policies, and stoushes over 457 visas, immigration policy largely flies under the radar.... Read More

  • Not pro-homeopathy, but anti-anti-homeopathy

    Helen Andrews | 20 Mar 2015

    There was something unseemly about the round of crowing that followed the release of the National Health and Medical Research Council’s report on homeopathy.... Read More

  • It's war on PowerPoint!

    Patrick Carvalho | 20 Mar 2015

    That’s it: place your bets, because the war on PowerPoint is on!... Read More

  • Pensioners should not be ring-fenced from budget repair

    Matthew Taylor | 13 Mar 2015

    Is indexing the pension to prices, rather than male wages, unfair?... Read More

  • Marriage equality: Can the Gay Rights Leopard change its spots?

    Jeremy Sammut | 13 Mar 2015

    Allowing gay and lesbian couples to wed cannot possibly do any more damage than straight couples have wrought on marriage since the passage of the ‘no fault’ divorce Family Law Act of 1975.... Read More

  • Clarity Is crucial when discussing ADF and mental health

    Helen Andrews | 13 Mar 2015

    Taking care of the mental health of ADF personnel and veterans is not just important; it is a duty. However, the Australian article left readers with a mistaken impression on two important points: the...... Read More

  • Anti-Semitism is much older than Israel

    Peter Kurti | 06 Mar 2015

    ‘Harry Potter’ star Miriam Margolyes has form. Noted for her vehement anti-Israel views, the Jewish actress didn’t hold back when she appeared on Monday night’s Q&A.... Read More

  • The Iron Law of Medicare

    Jeremy Sammut | 06 Mar 2015

    What needs to be factored in to the health debate is that the so-called 'right to Medicare' involves trading off other important 'rights'.... Read More

  • My father's freedom to be gay

    Meegan Cornforth | 06 Mar 2015

    Less than 10 years ago, my father was savagely attacked by a group of homophobic young men for the crime of being a late-in-life homosexual.... Read More

  • 40 years of budgets in the rearview mirror

    Robert Carling | 27 Feb 2015

    The federal government's Intergenerational Reports (IGR) have attracted plenty of attention in the past, but nothing like the drum-roll heralding the imminent 2015 update.... Read More

  • Fight against Islamic State demands a Syrian solution

    Benjamin Herscovitch | 27 Feb 2015

    Speaking in federal parliament on Wednesday, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop lamented the sexual slavery and abuse facing the 'increasing number of young females' joining Islamic State (IS).... Read More

  • The best interests of patients?

    Lachlan Philips | 27 Feb 2015

    It is important to maintain the support of the medical profession because, let's face it, they have the best interests of their patients at heart.... Read More

  • Monday's 'pension increase' a side show to the real reform needed

    Matthew Taylor | 20 Feb 2015

    With the Age Pension projected to account for 12 per cent of the growth in total spending over the medium term there can be no doubt that there is need for pension reform.... Read More

  • Morrison should reconsider ACNC backdown

    Helen Andrews | 20 Feb 2015

    New facts have vindicated Kevin Andrews’s strong position on abolishing the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC), just as his successor as minister for Social Services has backed...... Read More

  • Magna Carta lit the way

    William Shrubb | 20 Feb 2015

    For many, the Magna Carta is a beacon of liberty, protecting us from the arbitrary tyranny of our governments, even today.... Read More

  • What lies beneath the waves of government-speak on subs

    Simon Cowan | 13 Feb 2015

    The government doesn’t seem to understand the words it has been saying on submarines.... Read More

  • Can we trust the food nannies?

    Helen Andrews | 13 Feb 2015

    The dietary guidelines endorsed by the US and UK governments for the past three decades, which demonise fat as the number one nutritional villain, turn out to have been based on flimsy evidence.... Read More