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Ideas@TheCentre 28

Vol. 7 No. 28 (July, 2010)

Freedom quote of the week

'The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty.'

— James Madison

  • Affirmative action policies in Malaysia prove costly
    John Lee | 23 Jul 2010

    Malaysia’s affirmative action policies may prove costly for the country’s future economic and ideological shape, with foreign and domestic (especially Chinese-Malaysian) investors taking away their capital and many of the best educated and qualified Chinese- and Indian-Malaysians migrating to countries such as Australia.

  • Unhealthy economics of death
    Paul Cunningham | 23 Jul 2010

    The ability to employ high-tech medicine to preserve life has outrun society’s current capacity to decide who should use it and for how long. A wider public debate is needed about death, dying and the withdrawal and withholding of care.

  • Breaking out of the political madhouse
    Oliver Marc Hartwich | 23 Jul 2010

    No longer does politics seem to have the impact on a world that politicians want to change for the better. Instead, it has become an endless chore of news grabs, pseudo debates, and media posturing.