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Ideas@TheCentre 29

Vol. 7 No. 29 (July, 2010)

Freedom quote of the week

“I never regretted that I was deprived of the chance to become a hero in a communist society.
Freedom is more than ‘just another word for nothing left to lose,’ as Janis Joplin put it.
It’s life’s basic ingredient — like the air we breathe and the bread we eat.
Maybe there is life after death but there is no life without freedom.”

— Henryk M Broder

  • Empires on the edge of chaos
    Niall Ferguson | 30 Jul 2010

    This year, on the 200th anniversary of Lachlan Macquarie’s appointment as the Governor of New South Wales, it is appropriate that the annual Centre for Independent Studies John Bonython Lecture should have an imperial theme.

  • Education key to living in two worlds
    Sara Hudson | 30 Jul 2010

    In his speech at the opening dinner of the Centre’s annual Consilium conference last week, Noel Pearson raised the point that Jews and the Roman Catholics have found ways to reconcile communalist loyalties and preoccupations with liberal individualism.

  • One rule for all: free speech and integration
    Jeremy Sammut | 30 Jul 2010

    At the Centre’s ‘Freedom of Speech’ forum on Thursday, July 29, writer-activist Ayan Hirsi Ali and The Australian’s Janet Albretchsen discussed the factors that restrict freedom of speech on a range of topics.