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Ideas@TheCentre 30

Vol. 8 No. 30 (August, 2010)

Freedom quote of the week

Liberals are optimists. Conservatives are afraid of the future. Socialists want to plan it.”

Herbert Giersch (11 May 1921- 22 July 2010)

  • Big ideas? Or big mistakes?
    Oliver Marc Hartwich | 06 Aug 2010

    The 'big idea' at the Centre's annual Big Ideas Forum on Monday was sad and depressing: Europe as we know it has ceased to exist and is facing a difficult future.

  • If population is power, then what are we worried about?
    Jessica Brown | 06 Aug 2010

    Thinking big is currently out of fashion in Australia. That is, if you’re thinking about a 'Big Australia.' But what if, in all our worries about being too large, we're failing to appreciate the true 'big picture'?

  • Freedom and religion
    Luke Malpass | 06 Aug 2010

    Every year the CIS holds The Acton Lecture on Religion and Freedom, named after the Lord Acton, the great liberal and contrarian Roman Catholic who fought against the doctrine of papal infallibility in the mid-nineteenth century. This is where the great dictum ‘power tends to corrupt and absolutely power corrupts absolutely’ has its genesis. He was referring to both Popes and Kings.