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Ideas@TheCentre 33

Vol. 8 No. 33 (August, 2010)

Freedom quote of the week

There is all the difference in the world between treating people equally and attempting to make them equal."

— Friedrich Hayek

  • Elect another people?
    Oliver Marc Hartwich | 27 Aug 2010

    As you can tell from their statements, the political class is not amused about the result of the federal election. Forming a government is all too difficult, they complain. There was no clear mandate, and getting bills through both houses of Parliament could become a bit of a nuisance.

  • $36 billion ways to make a media splash
    Jessica Brown | 27 Aug 2010

    The first lesson for anyone wanting to make a big splash in the media is to have a big, scary, shocking number. It’s practically fool proof. Just put out your press release and wait for the phone to ring.

  • Going bananas over apples
    Luke Malpass | 27 Aug 2010

    New Zealanders have taken a keen interest in the Australian election, particularly in one character it has thrown up: Bob Katter, for his cowboy hat and colourful turn of phrase and an obsession with bananas.