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Ideas@The Centre 12

Vol. 4 No. 12 (April, 2011)

Freedom Quote of the Week
'Equality of opportunity is freedom, but equality of outcome is repression.'
— Dick Feagler

  • Wading in with new ideas for water
    Rebecca Gill | 01 Apr 2011

    By broadening our thinking beyond dams, and embracing a multi-faceted approach to water provision, we can support the water needs of a growing Australia.

  • How dare you build that!
    Adam Creighton | 01 Apr 2011

    Barry O’Farrell’s victory speech on Saturday night trumpeted his government’s priorities: to fix roads and rail; upgrade hospitals; and to hire more nurses, doctors and police. No surprises there. But he also promised to ‘scrap Part 3A’ and ‘rewrite the planning Act.’ The crowd cheered, but did they know what for?

  • Reconsidering compulsory voting
    Jeremy Sammut | 01 Apr 2011

    The case against compulsory voting is that people with little interest in public affairs are driven into the polling booths.  A good citizen – according to the classic liberal conception – should not need to be forced to fulfil their fundamental civic duty.