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Ideas@The Centre 14

Vol. 4 No. 14 (April, 2011) Freedom Quote of the Week
'The greatest gift of freedom is that it allows us to govern ourselves, and the greatest burden of freedom is that it requires us to govern ourselves.'
— Robert Hawes
  • Tough talking budgets
    Stephen Kirchner | 15 Apr 2011

    The May budget has become not much more than a housekeeping document tacked on to the appropriation bills.

  • Census apartheid
    Helen Hughes AO 1928 - 2013 and Mark Hughes | 15 Apr 2011

    With preparations well in hand for the 2011 Census in August, we are assuming that the separate Census Interviewer Household Form, which has been administered to Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders in remote communities in past censuses, has been dropped by an embarrassed Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

  • Society in pyjamas
    Peter Saunders | 15 Apr 2011

    On issues like this, I encounter the limits to my liberalism. Deep down, I think this is my business. This woman’s refusal to conform to one of the simplest, least demanding yet most basic of shared, social rules – put clothes on before going out in public – is confronting.