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Ideas@The Centre 30

Vol. 8 No. 30 (August, 2011) Freedom Quote of the Week
'If the relationship of trust between government and people is replaced by growing conflict between over-government and the people’s impatient rejection of high taxes, the search for new ways to elude detection by the tax-inspectors and tax collectors may be expected to grow.'
— Arthur Seldon
  • Say whatever you like
    Adam Creighton | 05 Aug 2011

    Voltaire famously desired to defend with his life one’s right to say whatever one wants, even if he disagreed. That line is glibly trotted out to symbolise our supposedly enlightened attitude to freedom of speech. But does it?

  • Census Apartheid
    Sara Hudson | 05 Aug 2011

    Tuesday, 9th August, is Census night. Across the country Australians will be filling in the official Census Household Form. The Census is an important source of statistics for government and is used to determine government policy and funding levels. But a small group of Aboriginal Australians, living in discrete communities, are given a separate form – the Interviewer Household Form.

  • Curing insanity with madness
    Oliver Marc Hartwich | 05 Aug 2011

    Reply to Peter Saunders piece from the previous Ideas, when he questioned some of the benefits of free trade. “It all sounds pretty plausible when you first read it but I am afraid our esteemed colleague is still wrong. However, let’s first say where Peter is right.”