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Ideas@The Centre 33

Vol. 8 No. 33 (August, 2011) Freedom quote of the week
'Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.'
– Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Why bother?
    Luke Malpass | 26 Aug 2011
    Governments should always be looking to privatise assets if in the public interest, and the sentiment behind these partial sales is to be applauded.
  • Missing the point with silly questions
    Sara Hudson | 26 Aug 2011

    To properly evaluate income management we need to look beyond people’s perspectives of it and explore whether or not it is meeting its objectives.

  • Covert methods to curb criticism
    Alexander Philipatos | 26 Aug 2011
    New changes to Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) provisions will make it easier for successive governments to pass burdensome regulation without sound evaluation of their effects.