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Ideas@ The Centre 19

Vol. 6 No. 19 (June, 2009)
  • Why China will not become like Singapore
    John Lee | 26 Jun 2009

    Recent conversations with Chinese political scientists brought home the great extent to which Beijing is obsessed with watching, analysing and replicating the success of Singapore. After all, despite a mediocre global ranking for political freedom, Singapore is confident, prosperous and orderly. Most appealing of all as far as Beijing is concerned, the approval ratings for Singapore’s leaders would make many democratic leaders envious. If there is a successful ‘Asian way’ of enlightened authoritarian leadership, then Singapore is by far its best example. Unfortunately, the vision is seductive but out of reach for Beijing. In reality, China is moving rapidly away from the Singapore example.

  • Using taxpayers' money to save obese people from themselves is futile nanny statism
    Jeremy Sammut | 26 Jun 2009

    The Rudd government’s National Preventive Health Taskforce will next week call for obese people to be given tax breaks or cash subsidies to offset the cost of gym memberships and fitness equipment.

  • By their scandals ye shall know them
    Oliver Marc Hartwich | 26 Jun 2009

    In case you missed it, the King and Queen of Spain are currently on a state visit to Australia. Contrary to diplomatic practice, the Royals did not attend a sitting of Parliament. We can only speculate about the reasons but it may just be that there is no word for ‘Utegate’ in Spanish. Even if there were, Their Majesties would have found this week’s proceedings too bewildering to understand.