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Ideas@ The Centre 23

Vol. 7 No. 23 (July, 2009)
  • The enduring gender gap in education
    Jennifer Buckingham | 24 Jul 2009

    In 2000, the Howard government initiated a parliamentary inquiry into the education of boys in response to widespread concerns that boys were seriously underachieving academically. In 2002, the committee reported that boys’ school performance was much lower than girls, particularly in literacy, and had been declining over time.  A variety of social and educational factors were identified and for a few years there was a flurry of activity in schools to improve the education of boys.

  • Stimulus advertising only supports MPs’ jobs
    Robert Carling | 24 Jul 2009

    Tripe isn’t most people’s idea of an appealing breakfast, certainly not mine. But readers of recent Sydney’s Sunday papers have had it with their toast and coffee – whether they wanted it or not.