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Ideas@ The Centre 24

Vol. 7 No. 24 (July, 2009)
  • When dollars defend democracy
    Andrew Norton | 31 Jul 2009

    Earlier this week, I attended a forum on ‘dollars and democracy’. Its title reflects concern that political donations distort policy priorities and government decisions. To reduce the influence of private money on politics, the federal government plans to significantly expand regulation of political donors. Foreign-sourced donations and anonymous donations exceeding $50 would be banned outright. Gifts of $1,000 would have to be disclosed, down from nearly $11,000 now.

  • More spending on prevention is no solution for hospital crisis
    Jeremy Sammut | 31 Jul 2009

    Public health experts have long claimed the problems in Australia’s public hospital system are due to government policy focusing too much on hospitals rather than on preventive and health promotion strategies. The report on health reform released this week by the National Health and Hospital Reform Commission endorses this idea.