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Ideas@ The Centre 25

Vol. 8 No. 25 (August, 2009)
  • Schools of Thought
    Jennifer Buckingham | 07 Aug 2009

    In the last decade, much has changed in the school education policy sphere. The educational disadvantages experienced by boys due to changes in curriculum and pedagogy, including the teaching of reading, have been recognized. The conventional wisdom that family circumstances determine educational outcomes has been successfully challenged and the strong influence of teacher quality on student achievement is now accepted. Many states have made reforms to school governance to increase the role of schools in managing their budgets and selecting staff.

  • Taxing Capital Hurts Labour Too
    Stephen Kirchner | 07 Aug 2009

    Last week’s ALP National Conference passed a resolution sponsored by the party’s left faction and left-wing unions calling on the Henry tax review to ‘meet the demands of society and not the ideologically based demands for lower business taxation.’  Like all the resolutions emanating from the National Conference, this call is not binding on the Rudd government.  But it would be unfortunate if the government were to heed the left’s call, not least for the workers it claims to represent. 

  • Sisters are doing it for themselves
    Oliver Marc Hartwich | 07 Aug 2009

    Fresh shots have been fired in the never-ending battle of the sexes this week. In Britain, Deputy Prime Minister Harriet Harman is pulling the strings while her boss, Gordon Brown, holidays in Scotland. To have a woman in charge was good because ‘men cannot be left to run things on their own’, Ms Harman declared. And while she was at it she wondered whether Lehman Brothers would have survived had it been Lehman Sisters.