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Ideas@ The Centre 27

Vol. 8 No. 27 (August, 2009)
  • Technology and big government
    Andrew Norton | 21 Aug 2009

    By historical standards, governments in every Western country are big. Most are at least five or six times as large as they were in the 19th century as a proportion of GDP. In absolute terms the increase is of course much greater, due to economic growth over that same time period.

  • A Not So Capital Idea
    Stephen Kirchner | 21 Aug 2009

    It only took until 2pm last Saturday afternoon for the Treasurer to pour cold water on a report in The Weekend Australian that the Henry tax review was modelling a capital gains tax (CGT) on family homes over $2 million.  The proposal was portrayed in the media as good economics, but bad politics.

  • Why America Will Lead the 'Asian Century'
    John Lee | 21 Aug 2009

    The decline of American influence in Asia is exaggerated. True, power and influence are built on the back of economic success and the Chinese and India economies have been doubling in size every 10 years since 1978 and 1991 respectively. But, America has two important advantages in Asia.