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Ideas@ The Centre 36

Vol. 11 No. 36 (October, 2009) Freedom quote of the week
You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves.
Abraham Lincoln
  • Taking India seriously
    John Lee | 06 Nov 2009

    Washington as well as Asian capitals such as Tokyo, Jakarta, Singapore and Hanoi has been busily courting New Delhi with impressive results. But the weakest link in New Delhi’s growing network with centers of influence in the region is with Canberra. If Australia wants to remain an active, relevant and influential ‘middle power’ in Asia, then spending the next half decade improving our bilateral relationship with countries such as India is much more important and a better use of finite time, resources and energy than the nice-sounding but premature idea of an Asian Pacific Community (APC).

  • Australia’s forgotten savers
    Oliver Marc Hartwich | 06 Nov 2009
    Whenever the Reserve Bank lifts interest rates, all newspaper editors seem to ask their reporters for the same story: ‘Find me a young family struggling with higher mortgage repayments.’ And they always do: After Tuesday’s 25 basis points rate rise, the business section of The Age introduced its readers to a couple, both 29, who were now planning to cut back on Christmas presents for their nine-month-old son. Their Christmas celebrations were also called off, and if there were more rate rises in the future, ‘we don't know how we will cope,’ one of them complained.
  • Wrong on House Prices, Ask Him How
    Stephen Kirchner | 06 Nov 2009

    University of Western Sydney academic Steve Keen made a name for himself with forecasts of economic doom, predicting a 40% decline in Australian house prices. Keen put his money where his mouth is, selling his unit in Surry Hills in October last year for $526,000. In November last year, Macquarie Bank’s Rory Robertson raised the stakes, proposing the following wager: