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Ideas@ The Centre 1

Vol. 1 No. 1 (January, 2010) Freedom Quote of the Week
Think for yourself. Lest others will do it for you.
— Vince Ebert
  • While you were power-napping
    Oliver Marc Hartwich | 15 Jan 2010

    Strange days indeed at the beginning of the New Year. With many colleagues still on holiday and your favourite TV shows on their summer break, it almost feels as if time has frozen. The impression is reinforced when colleagues return from multi-week trips to Africa or America and ask what happened at home while they were away. The honest answer has to be ‘Nothing much.’

  • Don’t drop in ... or jump off
    Jessica Brown | 15 Jan 2010

    It’s not only road cops and highway sign-writers who have been busy over Christmas. Despite the lure of the banana lounge and the soporific sounds of the Channel Nine commentary team, it’s been hard yakka for our tireless (selfless?) local lawmakers this summer.

  • Men of my appearance the usual suspects
    Jeremy Sammut | 15 Jan 2010

    US authorities have introduced a range of tighter security measures in response to the ‘underpants bomb’ attack thwarted on Christmas Day aboard a plane arriving at Detroit.