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Ideas@ The Centre 3

Vol. 1 No. 3 (January, 2010) Freedom quote of the week
Whatever each man can separately do, without trespassing upon others, he has a right to do for himself ...
— Edmund Burke
  • Our enigmatic charter
    Elise Parham | 29 Jan 2010
    Classical liberals seem torn over whether we should introduce a federal charter of rights that lists human rights and ways to protect them. Legally protected rights are a precondition for freedom, so just why are so many liberals opposed to the idea of introducing a charter?
  • Report card on Indigenous disadvantage
    Sara Hudson | 29 Jan 2010
    Last year, the Prime Minister failed to keep his election promise to deliver a report card on the government’s progress on Indigenous affairs on the first sitting day of Parliament. In case this happens again next Tuesday when Parliament sits for the first time in 2010, here is an alternative report card on the Rudd government’s performance in 2009 in each of the key socio-economic areas

  • British bureaucracy and the baby
    Meegan Cornforth | 29 Jan 2010
    Why do British politicians think that their National Health System is so wonderful?