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Ideas@ The Centre 11

Vol. 3 No. 11 (March, 2010)
  • Australian bicameralism helps bed down reform
    Luke Malpass | 26 Mar 2010
    How much has New Zealand’s electoral system contributed to the country’s economic malaise? It is a question often asked within New Zealand and rightly so. Does Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) mean tough decisions cannot be carried through? Does it mean that governments are more beholden to their contingent parts? Is the list system a bit undemocratic?

  • 'Housing crisis' calls for radical solution
    Alan Anderson | 26 Mar 2010
    One of the most prominent issues in Australian newspapers every week is the ‘housing crisis.’ Unfortunately, no politician has been prepared to acknowledge the cause of the ‘crisis,’ let alone propose an effective solution.
  • Canberra, Wii have a problem
    Oliver Marc Hartwich | 26 Mar 2010
    The morning after held an unpleasant surprise. My right arm was sore, and my left shoulder hurt at every move. It felt as if I had dug a trench right through our garden. In fact, my wife and I had only spent an evening in front of the telly.