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Ideas@ The Centre 12

Vol. 4 No. 12 (April, 2010)

Freedom quote of the week:

‘Liberty is the only thing you cannot have unless you are willing to give it to others.’

- William Allen White
  • The sun also rises on house prices and monetary policy
    Stephen Kirchner | 01 Apr 2010
    Reserve Bank Governor Glenn Stevens granted an unprecedented interview this week to a rather star-struck David Koch of Sunrise. In contrast to his predecessor, who never gave an on-the-record media interview during his 10 years in office, Stevens has made a concerted effort to get out more. He has given public speeches at around twice the rate of his predecessor, recognising that effective communication is essential to managing inflation and inflation expectations.

  • Should foreign companies in China 'do a google'?
    John Lee | 01 Apr 2010
    Only the willfully stubborn or ignorant will argue that Rio Tinto executive Stern Hu’s admission of guilt on the charge of bribery means that concerns about the Chinese economic legal and political environment in the rest of the world were the result of Western hysteria or misunderstanding. Here are three lessons for executives doing business in China.

  • FASD: where angels fear to tread ...
    Jeremy Sammut | 01 Apr 2010
    Lobby groups in the United States claim that Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) – permanent brain damage and life-long learning, health, and other difficulties caused by pre-natal exposure to alcohol – affects 40,000 infants born in the country each year, one out of every 100 births.