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Ideas@TheCentre 21

Vol. 6 No. 21 (June, 2010)

Freedom quote of the week:

‘All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honour, duty, mercy, hope.’

- Winston Churchill
  • There’s nothing like government advertising
    Robert Carling | 04 Jun 2010
    Something is awry when an advertising campaign becomes more controversial than its subject. Worse when it happens twice. Just after the ‘Where the bloody hell are you?’ campaign promoting Australian tourism was finally put out of its misery this week, another one came to life and instantly raised the controversy about government advertising to new heights. I refer of course to the Rudd government using $38 million of taxpayer funds to promote its proposed Resource Super Profits Tax (RSPT).
  • Tax reform: Kiwis 3, Aussies NIL
    Luke Malpass | 04 Jun 2010

    Imagine the unimaginable. The Australian and New Zealand football teams play off in the World Cup final in Johannesburg in August. Who would emerge the victor? Well, as a Kiwi, I hope ‘my’ team would emulate the performance of the New Zealand’s government, which is outstripping its Australian counterpart in tax reform. On lower tax, simplicity and efficiency, it’s 3-nil to the Kiwis.
  • Eurovision diversity beats Euro fallacy
    Oliver Marc Hartwich | 04 Jun 2010
    Perhaps this makes me a little daggy, but I love the Eurovision Song Contest. The performances range from cringe-worthy to embarrassing but still are a colourful affair. A continent in which countries used to invade each other on a regular basis now comes together once a year to celebrate its diversity. This is progress, even if it is the form of Finnish monster rockers, gay Serbian folk pop, or hot German chicks.