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ideas@TheCentre 24

Vol. 6 No. 24 (June, 2010)

Freedom Quote of the Week

'Self-reliance is the only road to true freedom, and being one's own person is its ultimate reward.'

- Patricia Sampson

  • Continuing the battle of ideas
    Greg Lindsay | 25 Jun 2010

    At the end of an extraordinary week in Australian politics, Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced a change in the way the federal government operates. For the sake of a free, just and prosperous Australia, we wish her well for her new office and the many challenges it entails.

  • The Economic Consensus We Could Do Without
    Stephen Kirchner | 25 Jun 2010
    Treasury Secretary Ken Henry this week accused academic economists of being ‘loath to come to a consensus position on anything’ and lamented that ‘whenever an idea is ventured publicly by a …
  • Income Management for all a courageous step forwards
    Sara Hudson | 25 Jun 2010
    Federal parliament this week passed laws that will subject non-Indigenous welfare recipients in the Northern Territory to income management for the first time.