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Ideas@TheCentre 22

Vol. 6 No. 22 (June, 2010)

Freedom quote of the week:

‘When the state cannot please everybody, it will choose whom it had better please.’

- Anthony de Jasay
  • Bursting the myth of ‘closed-shop’ British social classes
    Peter Saunders | 11 Jun 2010
    Thirty years ago, Peter Bauer wrote a book attacking the ‘British obsession’ with social class. Brits commonly assume class divisions are sharper in the United Kingdom than elsewhere, and that social movement between classes is difficult to achieve. Against this trend, Bauer insisted Britain is a remarkably open society. He said Brits had ‘class on the brain.’

  • The Not So Super Guarantee
    Stephen Kirchner | 11 Jun 2010
    Amid the debate over the proposed Resource Super Profits Tax (RSPT), relatively little attention has been paid to the government’s proposed increase in the superannuation guarantee (SG), which is to be increased to 12% by 2019–20 in 0.25–0.5% increments beginning in 2013–14.
  • Why income management is not failing
    Sara Hudson | 11 Jun 2010
    In an unprecedented move this week, the federal government released a report refuting a Menzies Health Centre study on income management in Indigenous communities—showing how serious Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin is about quarantining welfare payments. It also exposed the widening gap between the Rudd government’s approach to the Northern Territory Intervention (NTER) and the regressive attitudes of the Labor Party’s traditional supporters on the Left.