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ideas@TheCentre 25

Vol. 7 No. 25 (July, 2010)

Freedom quote of the week

‘Freedom is the right to be wrong, not the right to do wrong.’

— John G Riefenbaker

  • When liking India isn't Enough
    John Lee | 02 Jul 2010
    The Chicago Council on Global Affairs recently surveyed respondents in the United States, China, Russia, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Japan, and India in terms of its influence in the world now and in the next 10 years. Not surprisingly, India was ranked last.
  • Policy short-terminalism
    Jeremy Sammut | 02 Jul 2010
    Every commentator in the land has had their say about the unprecedented dismissal of a first-term Prime Minister. The consensus is that Mr Rudd was destroyed by the same forces that made him Prime Minister – by the polls and the media-driven ‘machine’ politics that dominate contemporary public life.
  • World Cup of Capitalism
    Peter Saunders | 02 Jul 2010
    Last Sunday, England’s football team once more crashed out of a World Cup at the hands of the ‘old enemy,’ Germany (who had thrashed Australia just a week earlier).