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Issue Analysis


Issue Analysis (IA) are shorter publications that deal with controversial and current issues.

  • Eight Housing Affordability Myths

    10 Jul 2014 | IA146

    Australians are conflicted in their attitude to the long-run change in real house prices because they are both investors in housing as an asset class and consumers of housing services. This conflicted... Read More

  • Australia and the Asian Ascendancy: Why Upskilling is Not Necessary to Reap the Rewards

    19 Feb 2013 | IA137

    Government programs to upskill the Australian workforce for the Asian Century are a solution to a non-problem. With more than a million Asian-born Australians, millions of speakers of Asian languages,... Read More

  • Faraway, So Close: How the Euro Crisis Affects Australia

    23 Apr 2012 | IA132

    Europe’s economic crisis has been shaking financial markets for the past three years. Countries like Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and even Italy are in danger of defaulting on their debt. The continent’s... Read More

  • On the Right Track: Why NSW Needs Business Class Rail

    Oliver Marc Hartwich | 29 Oct 2009 | IA119

    Rail connections between Sydney and neighbouring cities need to improve substantially and business class carriages would be a good first step. Jennifer Buckingham and Dr Oliver Marc Hartwich look past... Read More

  • Diminishing Democracy: The Threat Posed by Political Expenditure Laws

    Andrew Norton | 31 Jul 2009 | IA114

    Electoral law reforms nearing a Senate vote risk making political activists inadvertent lawbreakers, deterring financial supporters of Australia’s civil society, and creating unnecessary bureaucratic... Read More

  • Emissions Tax: The Least Worst Option

    Luke Malpass | 16 Jul 2009 | IA113

    The New Zealand government’s emissions trading system, due to come into force in 2010 for energy and 2013 for agriculture, is the wrong approach. An emissions tax linked with other tax cuts would be... Read More

  • Beyond Symbolism: Finding a Place for Local Government in Australia's Constitution

    Oliver Marc Hartwich | 22 Jan 2009 | IA104

    Local governments could provide better services, like schools and fast development approvals if they received a higher proportion of tax revenue and a formal definition in the Constitution. Read More

  • The Economics of Indigenous Deprivation and Proposals for Reform

    Helen Hughes AO 1928 - 2013 | 23 Sep 2005 | IA63

    For remote Indigenous communities to have productive employment opportunities with mainstream earnings, decent health outcomes, decent housing, and the same security and standards of living that other... Read More

  • The Free Market Case Against Voluntary Student Unionism (But for Voluntary Student Representation)

    Andrew Norton | 31 Aug 2005 | IA62

    The federal government plans to introduce ‘voluntary student unionism’ (VSU) into Australia’s universities by banning the current compulsory fee for non-academic services. However, market-based policies... Read More

  • The Pacific is Viable!

    Helen Hughes AO 1928 - 2013 | 02 Dec 2004 | IA53

    Whilst all is relatively quiet in the Pacific, there is still no growth. With aid runing at more than $1.5 billion a year to cushion the effects of stagnation, Pacific governments continue to opt for inaction.... Read More

  • From Riches to Rags What Are Nauru’s Options and How Can Australia Help?

    Helen Hughes AO 1928 - 2013 | 18 Aug 2004 | IA50

    Thirty years after enjoying the world’s second highest per capita GDP after Saudi Arabia, Nauru is on the verge of insolvency, has appalling health problems and was declared one of the first ‘rogue’... Read More

  • Can Papua New Guinea Come Back From the Brink?

    Helen Hughes AO 1928 - 2013 | 14 Jul 2004 | IA49

    After seven months of wrangling, arrangements to deploy more than 260 Australian police and other officials to Papua New Guinea have finally been made. PNG, in addition to restoring law and order, needs... Read More

  • Sweet and Sour Pork Barrelling: The Case of Queensland Sugar

    Alex Robson | 25 Mar 2004 | IA45

    For nearly 100 years, pork barrelling has propped up a recalcitrant sugar industry that has refused to reform despite evidence that deregulation would lead to higher profits. Now the negative side effects... Read More

  • The Open Front Door Tourism, Border Control and National Security

    William Maley | 14 Jan 2004 | IA42

    Terrorists could easily exploit a serious weakness in Australia’s border protection regime, warns immigration expert Professor William Maley. While the Howard government has committed substantial resources... Read More

  • Whose Progress? A Response to the ABS Report Measuring Australia’s Progress

    Peter Saunders | 20 Aug 2002 | IA25

    The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ recent report, Measuring Australia’s Progress, threatens to compromise the political neutrality of the ABS, for it blurs the line dividing fact from opinion. Read More

  • Rear Vision on Trade Policy: Wrong Way, Go Forward

    Ron Duncan | 25 Sep 1998 | IA5

    Policies affecting trade flows do not begin or end in the international arena: Decisions about reducing protection must be implemented at home. Without increasing our competitiveness through improved technology,... Read More

  • The Last Refuge: Hard and Soft Hansonism in Contemporary Australian Politics

    Chandran Kukathas | 21 Sep 1998 | IA4

    Hard Hansonism includes a number of characteristic policies – on aboriginal affairs, protectionism, privatisation, competition policy, and so on. Soft Hansonism is powerfully manifested in two key spheres... Read More