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Issue Analysis


Issue Analysis (IA) are shorter publications that deal with controversial and current issues.

  • After the Riot: the Meaning for Multicultural Australia

    11 Oct 2012 | IA135

    The riot on 15 September in the Sydney CBD by Muslim protestors has raised questions about the health of Australian multiculturalism. Are the values that have made Australia a successful ‘immigrant nation’... Read More

  • Diminishing Democracy: The Threat Posed by Political Expenditure Laws

    Andrew Norton | 31 Jul 2009 | IA114

    Electoral law reforms nearing a Senate vote risk making political activists inadvertent lawbreakers, deterring financial supporters of Australia’s civil society, and creating unnecessary bureaucratic... Read More

  • The Long Eye of the Law Closed Circuit Television, Crime Prevention and Civil Liberties

    Caspar Conde | 14 Apr 2004 | IA48

    The NSW Law Reform Commission is considering a proposal that all CCTV surveillance camera footage older than 21 days should be destroyed. They are worried that stockpiling information on people’s daily... Read More

  • The Thinning Blue Line

    Nicole Billante | 19 Mar 2003 | IA31

    The likelihood that a criminal will be caught after committing an offence is an important deterrent for potential offenders. However, on average across Australia, the number of police has not increased... Read More

  • Poor Laws (2): The Minimum Wage and Unemployment

    Kayoko Tsumori | 02 Dec 2002 | IA28

    More than half the poor in Australia are unemployed. It is joblessness, not low-paid jobs, that is the biggest source of poverty in Australia. Given that the risk of being poor is far greater for those... Read More

  • Poor Laws (1): The Unfair Dismissal Laws and Long-term Unemployment

    Kayoko Tsumori | 20 Aug 2002 | IA26

    Unfair dismissal laws stifle job creation and compound Australia’s high unemployment problem. Despite a near-decade of strong economic growth, Australia’s unemployment remains persistent and our record... Read More