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Flight of the Kiwi: Addressing the Brain Drain

Andrew Patterson, David Kirk, Don Turkington and Luke Malpass | PF22 | 27 March 2012

pf-22 In early 2009, the NZ government established the 2025 Taskforce to provide recommendations on closing the income gap with Australia, lift New Zealand’s living standards to those in Australia and to retain New Zealand talent and entice it back home. This is obviously a difficult task considering incomes in New Zealand are a third less than in Australia.

In the forum Flight of the Kiwi, hosted by The Centre for Independent Studies in December 2009, four New Zealanders discussed the policy reforms that could entice Kiwis home. This collection brings together the updated speeches on issues such as wage disparity, tax structures, streamlining ANZAC business, career prospects, and social and cultural challenges.


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