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Policy Forum


Policy Forums (PF) collates and expands on lectures given at CIS Forum or workshop.

  • Sovereignty, Blame Games and Tony Abbott’s New Federalism

    28 Aug 2014 | PF27

    This volume brings together the four presentations made to a Centre for Independent Studies public forum on reforming the Australian federation. The forum was held in the context of the Commonwealth government’s... Read More

  • TARGET30: Reducing the burden for future generations

    01 Jul 2013 | PF25

    TARGET30 is a campaign promoting smaller government and cutting government spending to less than 30% of GDP in the next 10 years. This collection of speeches presented at the campaign’s launch focuses... Read More

  • Regulation or Strangulation? Banking After the Global Financial Crisis

    12 Jun 2012 | PF23

    Inadequate regulation of finance has taken much of the blame for the global financial crisis, leading governments around the world to design a new, tighter regime of regulation centred on the Basel III... Read More

  • Flight of the Kiwi: Addressing the Brain Drain

    27 Mar 2012 | PF22

    Why are so many New Zealanders flocking to Australian shores, and what can be done to stop the so-called Kiwi ‘brain drain’? In Flight of the Kiwi,four New Zealanders discuss the policy reforms that... Read More

  • Trans-Atlantic Fiscal Follies: The Sequel

    30 Nov 2011 | PF21

    What started as the US subprime crisis became the global financial crisis and has now developed into the Trans-Atlantic sovereign debt crisis. Read More

  • Tax Reform – For Economic Growth or Bigger Government?

    Robert Carling | 14 Dec 2010 | PF20

    The long-awaited report on Australia's Future Tax System (the 'Henry review') was released by the government in May 2010. Shortly afterwards, The Centre for Independent Studies held a policy forum to discuss... Read More

  • Shooting the Messenger: The Ban on Short Selling

    John Green, Stephen Kirchner and Robert Bianchi | 01 Feb 2010 | PF19

    In September 2008, governments around the world instituted bans on the short sale of equity securities.  In Australia, the ban went further and lasted longer than in other comparable countries.  These... Read More

  • Fiscal Fallacies : The Failure of Activist Fiscal Policy

    Stephen Kirchner | 14 Oct 2009 | PF18

    Editor, Stephen Kirchner ; Contributors, John B Taylor ; Tony Makin ; Robert Carling The global financial crisis that emerged in 2007 has turned into a major, worldwide economic downturn more serious... Read More

  • Supping with the Devil : Government Contracts and the Non-Profit Sector

    Peter Saunders | 09 Aug 2009 | PF16

    Big-government corporatism is now in danger of smothering the third sector altogether. The temptation for non-profit organisations to go after government contracts is huge, for the financial rewards can... Read More

  • Should We Worry About the Foreign Debt?

    Gary M. White | 01 Apr 1994 | PF11

    The debate about Australis's foreign debt seems endless.  Some say it is nothing to worry about and other fear a foreign exchange crisis.  The Policy Forum brings together four authorities on the subject... Read More

  • Do We Need a Reserve Bank?

    Lawrence White | 01 Jul 1990 | PF9

    'Free Banking' is gaining increasing attention as a promising remedy for inflation. Could private agencies be involved in the present functions of a reserve bank? Read More

  • Regulating for Competition? Trade Practices Policy in a Changing Economy

    Michael James | 01 Dec 1989

    Arguments for a greater reliance on market forces to protect consumer welfare are explored in this collection by leading Australia, New Zealand and international authorities on the theory and practice... Read More

  • Restraining Leviathan: Small Government in Practice

    Michael James | 01 Oct 1987 | PF6

    This collection seeks to increase our understanding of the scope and opportunities we have for making substantial and permenent reductions in the size of Australia's public sector. Read More

  • Takeovers and Corporate Control: Towards a New Regulatory Environment

    Peter Dodd | 01 Jul 1987 | PF5

    These papers from a CIS conference on takeovers represent a wide variety of viewpoints on the pros and cons of an unregulated market for corporate control. Read More

  • Changes in the Air? Issues in Domestic Aviation Policy

    Christopher Findlay | 01 Dec 1984 | PF3

    The papers in this volume examine various aspects of domestic aviation in Australia in light of economic research and attempt to suggest improvements. Read More

  • The Entreprenuer in Society

    Barry Maley | 01 Apr 1983 | PF2

    These papers explore the role of the entreprenuer in society. Read More

  • The Economics of Bureacracy and Statutory Authorities

    Gordon Tullock | 01 Jan 1983 | PF1

    This book looks at how government enterprises and regulatory agencies are evaluated by their efficiency and in terms of incentives. Read More