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Policy Monographs


Policy Monographs (PM) are pieces directly commenting on government policy, new programs or legislation.

  • The Forgotten Freedom: Threats to Religious Liberty in Australia

    01 Jul 2014 | PM139

    When religious followers try to express their beliefs about topics such as same-sex marriage, they are frequently met with charges of bigotry and accusations of homophobia. Religious freedom in Australia... Read More

  • Multiculturalism and the Fetish of Diversity

    10 Dec 2013 | PM138

    Multiculturalism began as a response to the White Australia policy and continues to enjoy public support. But a new, ‘hard’ multiculturalism has emerged which is determined to eliminate racism. Its... Read More

  • Back to the Bad Old Days? Industrial Relations Reform in Australia

    06 Dec 2012 | PM133

    Has the Fair Work Act thrown industrial relations back to ‘the bad old days?’ This report analyses the changes in industrial relations reform over the past 20 years and assesses the role in which each... Read More

  • Alcohol Policy and the Politics of Moral Panic

    26 May 2011 | PM118

    New Zealand’s proposed liquor legislation marks a return to old attitudes towards alcohol regulation that perversely believe, in part due to dubious economic analyses, that placing restrictions on access,... Read More

  • Behind the Moral Curtain: The Politics of a Charter of Rights

    Elise Parham | 01 Feb 2010 | PM106

    Elise Parham argues that a federal charter of rights would be used by special interest groups as a powerful political tool.  Evidence emerging in the Australian Capital Territory and Victoria – which... Read More

  • Family on the Edge: Stability and Fertility in Prosperity and Recession

    Barry Maley | 16 Sep 2009 | PM101

    Barry Maley argues that unless family law and policies rapidly change, family stability and a buoyant birth rate will be at risk with implications for the ageing of the population in the long term. Read More

  • Divorce Law and the Future of Marriage

    Barry Maley | 02 Mar 2004 | PM58

    No-fault divorce law has precipitated marital instability in Australia, discouraging people from marrying, staying together, acting to support their spouses and having children. According to respected... Read More

  • Family and Marriage in Australia

    Barry Maley | 25 Jun 2002 | PM53

    The growing instability of the nuclear family is a fundamental cause behind a great deal of juvenile crime, youth suicide and poor school performance.  The report - Family and Marriage in Australia... Read More

  • Children's Rights : Where the Law is Heading and What it Means for Families

    Barry Maley | 05 May 1999 | PM43

    Barry Maley cautions that while children are citizens entitled to the protection of the state, he believes that some recent moves to secure this protection may actually be counterproductive. Read More

  • Freedom of Speech in the Constitution

    Nicholas Aroney | 13 Oct 1998 | PM40

    In recent years, the decisions and methods of the High Court of Australia have been the subject of intense scrutiny and sometimes harsh criticism. This book uses the landmark Freedom of Speech cases decided... Read More

  • Rising Crime in Australia

    Lucy Sullivan | 15 Feb 1998 | PM39

    Rising Crime in Australia provides a long-term perspective on crime.  For much of the twentieth century crime rates were in decline or stable, but have risen alarmingly since the 1970's. Read More

  • Welfare State or Constitutional State?

    Suri Ratnapala | 03 May 1990 | PM15

    In this contribution to the CIS Social Welfare Research Program, Suri Ratnapala, Lecturer in Law at the University of Queensland, explains why the welfare state is a constant source of political conflict: Suri... Read More

  • Initiative and Referendum: The People's Law

    Geoffrey de Q. Walker | 01 Jul 1986 | PM10

    Geoffrey Walker examines the history of direct legislation, how it is used in different countires, whether it favours the left or right, how it works and what it costs,why some politicians are so against... Read More

  • Affirmative Action: The New Discrimination

    Gabrielle Moens | 18 Dec 1985 | PM8

    Gabriel Moens finds that the philosophical and practical ramifications of such 'affirmative action' may be worse than the original complaint. Read More

  • Free to Shop

    Geoff Hogbin | 18 May 1983 | PM 4

    Shopping hours and standards in Australia are far behind those of other countries. The trend of Governments in other countries has been to deregulate trading hours, not to control them further as in Australia."There... Read More