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Policy Monographs


Policy Monographs (PM) are pieces directly commenting on government policy, new programs or legislation.

  • Poverty in Australia: Beyond the Rhetoric

    Peter Saunders | 01 Mar 2004 | PM57

    This report challenges prevailing definitions and measurements of poverty, and calls for an alternative strategy for poverty alleviation based on American-style welfare reform, lower taxation and job creation.... Read More

  • The Unchained University

    Andrew Norton | 19 Nov 2002 | PM56

    Australia's universities are not preparing students adequately for their futures.  Report author and higher education expert Andrew Norton argues that universities are failing students in several ways.... Read More

  • Sustainable Immigration and Cultural Integration

    Wolfgang Kasper | 15 Aug 2002 | PM55

    Professor Kasper outlines the benefits of past migration. He points out that Australians can be justifiably proud of the successful integration of so many migrants into a decent society, a stable, free...... Read More

  • Immigrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers : A Global View

    Helen Hughes AO 1928 - 2013 | 26 Jun 2002 | PM54

    A worldwide excess of demand for immigration means that Western countries cannot accommodate more than a small proportion of immigrants without severe social dislocation, says Helen Hughes. The world has...... Read More

  • Family and Marriage in Australia

    Barry Maley | 25 Jun 2002 | PM53

    The growing instability of the nuclear family is a fundamental cause behind a great deal of juvenile crime, youth suicide and poor school performance.  The report - Family and Marriage in Australia -...... Read More

  • Families Freedom and Education: Why School Choice Makes Sense

    Jennifer Buckingham | 24 Jun 2002 | PM52

    Parents have been demonstrating their increasing lack of faith in the public education system for decades, as reflected in the steady drift in student enrolments away from the state school sector toward...... Read More

  • The Art of Corporate Governance: a return to first principles

    Samuel Gregg | 23 Jun 2002 | PM51

    Calls for big business to be more ‘ethical’ and ‘socially responsible’ have never been louder, nor more misguided.  Samuel Gregg argues these calls come at a time ‘when the public understanding...... Read More

  • Taxing the family : Australia's forgotten people in the income spectrum

    Lucy Sullivan | 22 Aug 2001 | PM50

    Over the last two decades, the tax burden has shifted from taxpayers without to taxpayers with dependent children.  While social security expenditure on welfare dependency has risen, spending on family...... Read More

  • Ten Advantages of a Federal Constitution: And How to Make the Most of Them

    Geoffrey de Q. Walker | 04 Apr 2001 | PM49

    Australia’s federal system is being attacked and undermined with debate focussing solely on its disadvantages. Ten Advantages of a Federal Constitution: And How to Make the Most of Them sheds new light...... Read More

  • Beyond the Classroom : how parents influence their children's education

    Alison Rich | 30 Aug 2000 | PM48

    Parents are crucial to the academic success of their children. The report, Beyond the Classroom: How Parents Influence Their Children’s Education, argues that factors ranging from parents’ educational...... Read More

  • Gambles with the Economic Constitution: The Reregulation of Labour in New Zealand

    Wolfgang Kasper | 29 Aug 2000 | PM47

    The proposed Employment Relations Bill will prove costly for New Zealand citizens and workers. This report, says the proposed legislation will ultimately drive up transaction costs and risks of job creation,...... Read More

  • Boy Troubles: Understanding Rising Suicide, Rising Crime and Educational Failure

    Jennifer Buckingham | 14 Jun 2000 | PM46

    Australian boys are at greater risk of doing badly at school, participating in juvenile crime, and committing suicide. The root of these problems are cultural and institutional,' says report author Jennifer...... Read More

  • Behavioural Poverty

    Lucy Sullivan | 09 Apr 2000 | PM45

    The welfare debate is bedeviled by the failure to distinguish behavioural from financial poverty. The minimum income available to families on welfare are commensurate with those of families on average...... Read More

  • Christianity and Entrepreneurship: Protestant and Catholic Thoughts

    Samuel Gregg | 05 Nov 1999 | PM44

    This monograph is a scholarly yet understandable study of entrepreneurship from both a Protestant (Preece) and a Catholic (Gregg) perspective. Among other things, both argue that Christians should not...... Read More

  • Children's Rights : Where the Law is Heading and What it Means for Families

    Barry Maley | 05 May 1999 | PM43

    Barry Maley cautions that while children are citizens entitled to the protection of the state, he believes that some recent moves to secure this protection may actually be counterproductive.... Read More

  • Social Capital Stories: How 12 Australian Households Live their Lives

    Martin Stewart-Weeks | 05 Apr 1999 | PM42

    Social capital - the network of informal social connections that helps to hold communities together - is often reported to be in decline. But is it?  ... Read More

  • Freedom of Speech in the Constitution

    Nicholas Aroney | 13 Oct 1998 | PM40

    In recent years, the decisions and methods of the High Court of Australia have been the subject of intense scrutiny and sometimes harsh criticism. This book uses the landmark Freedom of Speech cases decided...... Read More

  • Rising Crime in Australia

    Lucy Sullivan | 15 Feb 1998 | PM39

    Rising Crime in Australia provides a long-term perspective on crime.  For much of the twentieth century crime rates were in decline or stable, but have risen alarmingly since the 1970's.... Read More

  • Reforming New Zealand Welfare - International Perspectives

    Michael Jones | 03 Oct 1997 | PM37

    This 1997 book provides a comprehensive overview of international research and debates about the welfare state, discussing inequality, poverty, and the consequences of ageing, with particular reference...... Read More