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Robert Albon

Publications by Author

  1. BOOK REVIEW: Keeping Up the Fight

    Robert Albon | 09 Sep 1990 | POLICY Magazine

    The Good Fight: Essays in Honour of Austin Stewart Holmes (1924-1986) edited by Chris Ulyatt (Allen and Unwin, in association... Read More...

  2. FEATURE: Depoliticising Australia Post

    Robert Albon | 03 Mar 1989 | POLICY Magazine

    The recent revelation of Australia Post's plans to close many uneconomic post offices and to replace them with post agencies... Read More...

  3. Private Correspondence: Competition or Monolopy in Australia's Postal Services?

    Robert Albon | 18 Oct 1985 | Policy Monographs

    Dr Albon believes that the most important and practical way to improve postal services to the public is to allow competition.

  4. Occupational Regualtion and the Public Interest

    Robert Albon | 01 Mar 1984 | CIS Readings

    Edited by Robert Albon and Greg Lindsay with contributions from 12 authors. Does occupational regulation serve the public... Read More...

  5. Rent Control: Costs and Consequences

    Robert Albon | 01 Sep 1980 | CIS Readings

    Essays on the history and the economic and social consequences of rent control on Australia and overseas.

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