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Jeremy Sammut

Research Fellow, Health and Child Protection Program

sammut-jeremyDr Jeremy Sammut is a Research Fellow at The Centre for Independent Studies, and has published numerous research reports, articles and opinion pieces on a range of policy issues.

A leading advocate of market-based health reform, Jeremy’s health research argues that the long-term sustainability of the Australian health system requires shifting away from reliance on the taxpayer-funded Medicare system towards a self-funded Health Savings Account-based health financing system.  Jeremy’s work has also focused on the structural problems in the Australian public hospital system and has set out far-reaching micro-economic reform agenda that will increase productivity and improve access to hospital services. His latest report (with Senior Fellow David Gadiel) is Lessons from Singapore: Opt-Out Health Savings Accounts for Australia.

Jeremy has also published a series of ground breaking research reports on the child protection crisis in Australia, which argue for greater use of adoption to give abused children safe and permanent homes. These reports have influenced recent child protection reforms in NSW and Victoria. His latest report is The Kinship Conundrum: The Impact of Aboriginal Self-Determination on Indigenous Child Protection.

Jeremy has a PhD in Australian political and social history from Monash University and has published on historical topics including Australian federation, the WWI conscription referendums, the woman’s suffrage movement, and the White Australia Policy and multiculturalism. He frequently comments on health, child protection, and other policy issues in the print, online, and electronic media, and his work has appeared in The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Australian Financial Review, Canberra Times, The Drum, and Quadrant.

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Publications by Author

  1. The Kinship Conundrum: The Impact of Aboriginal Self-Determination on Indigenous Child Protection

    Jeremy Sammut | 08 Dec 2014 | Policy Monographs

    This report argues that mainstreaming revolution in Indigenous policy should be extended to Indigenous child protection policy,... Read More...

  2. FEATURE: How Think Tanks Work

    Jeremy Sammut | 01 Nov 2014 | POLICY Magazine

    Child protection: a case study in how independent think tanks can change the debate.

  3. A Quartet of Freedoms: Freedom of Religion, Speech, Association and Conscience

    Jeremy Sammut, Peter Kurti, Robert Forsyth | 16 Oct 2014 | Occasional Papers

    An aggressive secular culture, combined with the diminished standing of religious organisations in Australia, is putting... Read More...

  4. Sovereignty, Blame Games and Tony Abbott’s New Federalism

    Anne Twomey, Jeremy Sammut, Nick Greiner, Robert Carling | 28 Aug 2014 | Policy Forum

    This volume brings together the four presentations made to a Centre for Independent Studies public forum on reforming the... Read More...

  5. Lessons from Singapore: Opt-Out Health Savings Accounts for Australia

    David Gadiel, Jeremy Sammut | 28 Jul 2014 | Policy Monographs

    Singapore’s distinctive health funding and service provision arrangements have delivered comparable First World standards... Read More...

  6. Still Damaging and Disturbing: Australian Child Protection Data and the Need for National Adoption Targets

    Jeremy Sammut | 16 Apr 2014 | Issue Analysis

    Australian child protection policy continues to resemble Einstein’s definition of madness—doing the same thing and expecting... Read More...

  7. Submission to the National Commission of Audit

    Alexander Philipatos, Jennifer Buckingham, Jeremy Sammut, Robert Carling, Simon Cowan, Stephen Kirchner, Trisha Jha | 01 Apr 2014 | TARGET30 Papers

    The federal government’s Commission of Audit (CoA) was established in 2013 to review the performance and role of government.... Read More...

  8. The New Silence: Family Breakdown and Child Sexual Abuse

    Jeremy Sammut | 30 Jan 2014 | Issue Analysis

    Despite family breakdown exposing children to greater risk of sexual abuse, the issue receives scant attention in this country.... Read More...

  9. Emergency Budget Repair Kit

    Alexander Philipatos, Jennifer Buckingham, Jeremy Sammut, Robert Carling, Simon Cowan, Trisha Jha | 21 Nov 2013 | TARGET30 Papers

    The federal budget deficit has been described as an emergency. Cutting wasteful programs can save more than $20 billion a... Read More...

  10. Overcoming Governance and Cost Challenges for Australian Public Hospitals: The Foundation Trust Alternative

    Jeremy Sammut, Peter Phelan | 13 Oct 2013 | Policy Monographs

    Adapting the UK Foundation Hospital Trust governance and management model to the Australian health system can improve the... Read More...

  11. Saving Medicare: The Case for Market-Based Health Reform

    Jeremy Sammut | 27 Aug 2013 | Speeches

    A speech given by Jeremy Sammut at the Catholic Health National Conference Australia. 26-28 August, 2013

  12. Saving Medicare But NOT As We Know It

    Jeremy Sammut | 30 Apr 2013 | TARGET30 Papers

    High growth in health spending is the area of public expenditure that will unsustainably increase the size of government... Read More...

  13. The Fraught Politics of Saying Sorry for Forced Adoption: Implications for Child Protection Policy in Australia

    Jeremy Sammut | 19 Mar 2013 | Issue Analysis

    Many Australians will believe a national apology for forced adoption is overdue. But there is a danger that the apology will... Read More...

  14. FEATURE: Treating Health as an Economic Problem

    Jeremy Sammut | 22 Feb 2013 | POLICY Magazine

    Market-based health reform will deliver greater equity, efficiency and sustainability

  15. After the Riot: the Meaning for Multicultural Australia

    Benjamin Herscovitch, Jeremy Sammut, Peter Kurti | 11 Oct 2012 | Issue Analysis

    The riot on 15 September in the Sydney CBD by Muslim protestors has raised questions about the health of Australian multiculturalism.... Read More...

  16. How the NSW Coalition Should Govern Health: Strategies for Microeconomic Reform

    David Gadiel, Jeremy Sammut | 11 Jul 2012 | Policy Monographs

    In an ever-tightening fiscal environment, the focus of NSW health policy must be the microeconomic reform of the rigid, public... Read More...

  17. Do Not Damage and Disturb: On Child Protection Failures and the Pressure on Out-of-Home Care in Australia

    Jeremy Sammut | 03 Nov 2011 | Policy Monographs

    This monograph shows that the rising size, cost, and complexity of the out-of-home care system in Australia is directly linked... Read More...

  18. How! Not How Much: Medicare Spending and Health Resource Allocation in Australia

    Jeremy Sammut | 16 Mar 2011 | Policy Monographs

    This report traces the evolution of Australian health policy and its consequences across half a century. The public hospital... Read More...

  19. No Quick Fix: Three Essays on the Future of the Australian Hospital System

    Jeremy Sammut | 21 Oct 2010 | Special Publications

    The trilogy of essays in this collection describes the negative effects of the bureaucratisation of the public hospital system... Read More...

  20. The Power and the Responsibility: Child Protection in the Post-Welfare State Era

    Jeremy Sammut | 08 Sep 2010 | Occasional Papers

    Government-run child protection services in Australia are plagued by systemic problems, including a misguided emphasis on... Read More...

  21. FEATURE: The Fog of Child Protection Politics

    Jeremy Sammut | 17 Jun 2010 | POLICY Magazine

    The federal government must see through the politics of child protection to ensure that states better protect vulnerable... Read More...

  22. Like the Curate’s Egg: A Market-based Response and Alternative to the Bennett Report

    Jeremy Sammut | 26 Nov 2009 | Policy Monographs

    The National Health and Hospital Reform Commission (NHHRC) has acknowledged the need to ensure health services are responsive... Read More...

  23. Why Public Hospitals Are Overcrowded: Ten Points for Policymakers

    Jeremy Sammut | 01 Aug 2009 | Policy Monographs

    Despite the billions of taxpayer dollars poured into the public hospital system each year, public bed resources are only... Read More...

  24. Fatally Flawed: The Child Protection Crisis in Australia

    Jeremy Sammut | 25 Jun 2009 | Policy Monographs

    It is not underfunding or an overwhelming workload that has caused child protection services to fail the vulnerable children... Read More...

  25. A Streak of Hypocrisy: Reactions to the Global Financial Crisis and Generational Debt

    Jeremy Sammut | 15 Dec 2008 | Policy Monographs

    Dr Jeremy Sammut says that ‘household savings have collapsed due to an unnecessary dependence on welfare handouts. A new... Read More...

  26. FEATURE: A High-Tax Future for Gen X and Y? Medicare and the intergenerational crisis

    Jeremy Sammut | 15 Sep 2008 | POLICY Magazine

    Younger generations will have to pay a high price for baby boomers' health care, but private health savings systems could... Read More...

  27. The False Promise of GP Super Clinics Part 2: Coordinated Care

    Jeremy Sammut | 20 Jun 2008 | Policy Monographs

    The report’s author Jeremy Sammut examines the evidence for the Rudd government’s plan to use GP Super Clinics to boost... Read More...

  28. The False Promise of GP Super Clinics: Part 1: Preventive Care

    Jeremy Sammut | 06 May 2008 | Policy Monographs

    Dr Jeremy Sammut examines the evidence for preventive care programs to help make the Medicare system sustainable, given the... Read More...

  29. FEATURE: Six Social Policy Myths

    Andrew Norton, Jennifer Buckingham, Jeremy Sammut, Peter Saunders, Phil Rennie | 03 Mar 2008 | POLICY Magazine

    Policy experts often think alike, even when the evidence contradicts them. This is how billions of dollars get spent on government... Read More...

  30. The Coming Crisis of Medicare: What the Intergenerational Reports should say, but doesn’t, about health and ageing

    Jeremy Sammut | 29 Oct 2007 | Policy Monographs

    The demographic and medical realities of the twenty-first century mean that Medicare can no longer provide every citizen... Read More...

Opinion & Commentary by Author

  1. Don’t hike the GST, reform hospital spending instead

    Jeremy Sammut | 23 Jul 2015 | ABC The Drum

    Under no circumstances should the GST rate be raised to pour larger sums of taxpayer’s money into the fiscal black holes... Read More

  2. Cases for more local and overseas adoptions are different, but the same

    Jeremy Sammut | 21 Apr 2015 | ABC The Drum

    International adoptions of foreign-born children in Australia have fallen to record lows. And the reasons are clear to pinpoint.

  3. The totalitarianism of marriage equality

    Jeremy Sammut | 26 Mar 2015 | The Spectator

    This isn’t democracy — it’s the totalitarian tactics of personal intimidation.

  4. Close hospitals to treat more patients

    Jeremy Sammut | 03 Mar 2015 | Adelaide Advertiser

    This may sound strange, but the way to get more hospital care and reduce waiting times is to close down public hospitals.

  5. Children are the victims of violence too

    Jeremy Sammut | 24 Feb 2015 | Daily Telegraph

    There are striking differences between the debate on child protection and the debate about family violence.

  6. Coolies sold down the river by the bamboo ceiling

    Jeremy Sammut | 31 Jan 2015 | The Spectator

    Those who seek to unearth overt racism will find it in even our most successful migrant stories.

  7. 18C makes us all tongue-tied

    Jeremy Sammut | 20 Jan 2015 | The Australian

    The fear of potential legal action under the RDA also means the nation will debate the question of recognising Indigenous... Read More

  8. Means testing free hospital care will make Medicare sustainable

    Jeremy Sammut | 08 Jan 2015 | The Australian

    Unless a means test is employed, and so long as the Medicare continues to offer ‘free and universal’ public hospital... Read More

  9. Bill Shorten is opposing his own party's health policy

    Jeremy Sammut | 16 Dec 2014 | Daily Telegraph

    According to Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten, the revised GP co-payment represents the death of Medicare. Yet what the Abbott... Read More

  10. We risk an Indigenous lost generation

    Jeremy Sammut | 08 Dec 2014 | The Australian

    Placing Indigenous children in accordance with the ACPP threatens to compromise child wellbeing and keep open the gaps in... Read More

  11. Singapore has the right prescription

    David Gadiel, Jeremy Sammut | 28 Jul 2014 | The Australian

    Individuals should be allowed to opt out of Medicare and assume more responsibility for funding their own healthcare.

  12. The Progressive Muzzling of the Right to Dissent

    Jeremy Sammut | 01 Jul 2014 | Quadrant

    The debate over the future of the RDA is a question of democracy, it is about the freedom Australians should have to discuss... Read More

  13. The Forgotten Freedom: Defending Religious Liberty against Aggressive Secularism

    Jeremy Sammut | 23 Jun 2014 | ABC Online

    The High Court's recent decision about the constitutionality of the school chaplaincy program has revived the debate about... Read More

  14. There are no free meals in the public hospital system

    David Gadiel, Jeremy Sammut | 11 Jun 2014 | The Canberra Times

    The idea that health services are "free"  in public hospitals is patently false.

  15. Critics of a modest GP co-payment should get over it, healthcare has never been free

    Jeremy Sammut | 31 May 2014 | The Australian

    The cost of Medicare is increasing because health services are usually consumed without user charges, but healthcare never... Read More

  16. Exercise your right to be a bigot and pay the price

    Jeremy Sammut | 03 May 2014 | The Spectator

    The law is not the only thing restraining racial hatred and keeping public discourse civil in Australia.

  17. The madness of child protection policy in Australia

    Jeremy Sammut | 23 Apr 2014 | Online Opinion

    In December 2013, the Abbott government announced plans to take adoption out of the 'too-hard basket' and make it easier... Read More

  18. Boost adoption rate through national target

    Jeremy Sammut | 22 Apr 2014 | Open Forum

    The chief barrier to more local adoptions is that state and territory child protection authorities almost never take legal... Read More

  19. Let’s adopt a more sensible approach to kids in care

    Jeremy Sammut | 16 Apr 2014 | The Australian

    In 2012-13, only 135 children were adopted from state care, even though more than 40,000 children were in care.

  20. Getting millionaires off the old-age pension

    Jeremy Sammut | 15 Apr 2014 | The Daily Telegraph

    Joe Hockey should look to address the pension means test that allows millionaires to receive welfare.

  21. Knights and mates and republicanism-by-stealth

    Jeremy Sammut | 31 Mar 2014 | On Line Opinion

    The course of Australian history and social development has validated the faith placed in the freedom of Australian nationhood... Read More

  22. We’ll still be a melting pot

    Jeremy Sammut | 15 Mar 2014 | The Spectator

    We are being warned that the glue that unites us is in danger of coming unstuck if the Abbott government fulfils its election... Read More

  23. Commission must also address welfare of children in care

    Jeremy Sammut | 13 Mar 2014 | The Sydney Morning Herald

    The work of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is revealing the way that history is... Read More

  24. Co-payment plan is no mortal blow against Medicare

    Jeremy Sammut | 12 Mar 2014 | The Canberra Times

    A modest GP copayment needs to be seen in context and does not represent a mortal threat to Medicare.

  25. A coalition of the willing on IR reform

    Alexander Philipatos, Jeremy Sammut | 18 Feb 2014 | ABC The Drum

    The Abbott government is sending the message that they will help those who help themselves by prosecuting the case for IR... Read More

  26. Reaping the whirlwind: The 'new silence' about broken families and child sexual abuse

    Jeremy Sammut | 04 Feb 2014 | ABC Religion & Ethics

    The belief that the royal commission will "break the silence" surrounding child sexual abuse is marred by evidence of the... Read More

  27. Abuse a bigger danger in non-traditional families

    Jeremy Sammut | 30 Jan 2014 | The Australian

    It may not be fashionable to say it, but marriage, divorce, and sole parenting do matter for children.

  28. Bring back Medicare co-payment

    Jeremy Sammut | 19 Dec 2013 | The Australian

    The Treasury’s Mid Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook has revealed that next year’s $47 billion federal budget deficit... Read More

  29. We need more bang for our health dollars

    Jeremy Sammut | 15 Oct 2013 | ON LINE Opinion

    Australia will face problems funding its public hospital and other publicly funded health services if cost increases continue.

  30. P-word may be electoral poison but we must adapt

    Jeremy Sammut | 14 Oct 2013 | The Australian

    Australia will face problems funding the cost of Medicare if spending on public hospitals continues to grow at the same rate.

  31. Sick Medicare needs mending

    Jeremy Sammut | 06 Sep 2013 | Business Spectator

    Rising healthcare costs should be a critical spending issue for Canberra.

  32. The enemy within NSW child protection

    Jeremy Sammut | 28 Aug 2013 | ON LINE Opinion

    The real and systemic problem with child protection in Australia concerns the large number of children who are re-reported... Read More

  33. Our fear of adoptions is hurting vulnerable children

    Jeremy Sammut | 15 Jul 2013 | The Drum

    Rather than further pursuing often futile parental rehabilitation programs, we need to get children out of harm's way through... Read More

  34. The Easy Moralism of the Adoption Apology

    Jeremy Sammut | 01 May 2013 | Quadrant

    Between the 1950s and mid-1970s, approximately 150,000 babies of unwed, mostly teenage mothers were adopted by childless... Read More

  35. Only a super-style savings system now will help Medicare survive

    Jeremy Sammut | 30 Apr 2013 | The Australian

    THE intergenerational reports have told us repeatedly that escalating government spending on health is unsustainable in an... Read More

  36. The politics of apologies: Easy moralism for past sins, but ignorance about the present

    Jeremy Sammut | 26 Mar 2013 | ABC Religion & Ethics

    Official apologies tend to descend into simplistic condemnations of people and times past rather than criticising current... Read More

  37. Why adoption should, in some cases, continue

    Jeremy Sammut | 22 Mar 2013 | Crikey

    The "never again" approach to separating parents from children because of previous forced adoption practices has implicatons... Read More

  38. Apologise but allow adoption

    Jeremy Sammut | 19 Mar 2013 | The Australian

    The federal parliament cannot ignore the politics behind the national apology and implications for child protection policy,... Read More

  39. Don't mention the M-word

    Jeremy Sammut | 31 Jan 2013 | The Drum

    Australian academics have allowed their staunch advocacy for family diversity to get in the way of reasoned analysis on how... Read More

  40. Coal hoax fails to dig deep without a martyr to the cause

    Jeremy Sammut | 15 Jan 2013 | The Age

    Protesters need to face legal consequences to sway public opinion.

  41. Hummus, Hamas and the hopeless naive

    Jeremy Sammut | 18 Oct 2012 | Quadrant Online

    In the wake of the violent Islamist riots, concerns that western governments will seek a political accommodation and try... Read More

  42. Applying a market screen to NSW Health

    David Gadiel, Jeremy Sammut | 18 Jul 2012 | Business Spectator

    Health Minister Jillian Skinner has rebirthed the flawed health policy of the discredited former Labor Government.

  43. How the NSW Coalition should govern health

    David Gadiel, Jeremy Sammut | 12 Jul 2012 | ON LINE Opinion

    The focus of NSW health policy must be to reform the rigid public service monopoly model of public hospital care.

  44. Child protection: generation lost by not being 'stolen'

    Jeremy Sammut | 05 Jun 2012 | The Drum

    It is incredibly simplistic and misleading to blame the serious problems many troubled children experience on the decision... Read More

  45. Mandatory reporting has not failed children

    Jeremy Sammut | 10 Apr 2012 | The Drum

    Far from the failure it is made out to be, mandatory reporting by police, education and health professionals of children... Read More

  46. NSW health history shows Carr's feet of clay

    Jeremy Sammut | 29 Mar 2012 | The Drum

    If you believe the hype, Carr's entry into federal politics is a sign that the floundering incompetence which has typified... Read More

  47. Independent thinking for financing future

    Jeremy Sammut | 16 Feb 2012 | Hospital and AgedCare Magazine

    Health already devours over 10 per cent of GDP each year and 70% of health funding is funnelled through federal and state... Read More

  48. Focus on 'prevention' abusing kids

    Jeremy Sammut | 09 Nov 2011 | On Line Opinion

    Despite increasing government spending on programs meant to prevent child abuse and entries into care, record numbers of... Read More

  49. Myths, lies and adoption

    Jeremy Sammut | 08 Nov 2011 | The Geelong Advertiser

    IN 2009-10, 36,000 children were in out-of-home care in Australia and more than two-thirds had been there for at least two... Read More

  50. Care system still abusing forgotten children.

    Jeremy Sammut | 03 Nov 2011 | The Sydney Morning Herald

    In 2009 the federal parliament apologised to the Forgotten Australians who were physically, sexually, and emotionally abused... Read More

  51. Should dentistry be covered by Medicare?

    Jeremy Sammut | 10 Oct 2011 | The Sydney Morning Herald

    But the ''right'' to receive certain health services for ''free'' does not automatically produce good health. Bulk billing... Read More

  52. Women's rights push dads aside

    Jeremy Sammut | 03 Sep 2011 | The Australian

    This is the disturbing significance of the controversial NSW birth certificate decision. That no gay spokesperson has expressed... Read More

  53. Hospital reform looks sickly but the blame game is fit as a fiddle

    Jeremy Sammut | 04 Aug 2011 | The Australian

    While critics claimed the approach was too hospital-centric, the primary focus on the financing of public hospital care was... Read More

  54. OOHC not working for at-risk kids

    Jeremy Sammut | 19 Jul 2011 | The Drum

    The causes of the OHHC crisis care are multifaceted. But the consensus among experts is that at the heart of the crisis is... Read More

  55. Beware pink totalitarianism

    Jeremy Sammut | 15 Jul 2011 | The Spectator

    Gay marriage dissenters deserve the same respect as advocates

  56. Custody for Indigenous kids more than black and white

    Jeremy Sammut | 01 Jun 2011 | ABC News

    We should find better ways of combining Aboriginal child safety and the passing down of traditional lore by responsible elders.

  57. Our Medicare Vice

    Jeremy Sammut | 22 Mar 2011 | Open Forum

    Long waiting times for public hospital treatment in this country are almost a daily source of popular dissatisfaction. Yet... Read More

  58. Medicare: Australia’s very sick sacred cow

    Jeremy Sammut | 16 Mar 2011 | The Punch

    Whether Medicare actually ‘works’ for those who most need assistance to access health services is another question altogether.... Read More

  59. Cure Medicare mess or waste will get worse

    Jeremy Sammut | 16 Mar 2011 | The Australian

    We should subsidise visits to the doctor less so there is more money to spend on hospitals.

  60. Migration needs serious debate

    Jeremy Sammut | 26 Feb 2011 | The Australian

    Australia became a successful nation of immigrants because the egalitarianism that is central to its national character --... Read More

  61. A Politically Correct Christmas is Un-Australian

    Jeremy Sammut | 17 Dec 2010 | Spectator Australia

    Why undermine the process assimilation?

  62. Reform must start with Medicare

    Jeremy Sammut | 17 Dec 2010 | Australian Medicine

    If health reform is to amount to more than money shifting and rearranging the administrative deckchairs we need to address... Read More

  63. Ridicule the prescription to induce health reform

    Jeremy Sammut | 01 Dec 2010 | ABC News

    After three years of hot air from the Federal Government about fundamental health reform, which has only produced a plan... Read More

  64. Free hospital care is unsustainable

    Jeremy Sammut | 15 Nov 2010 | The Australian

    The elective surgery queues won't get shorter unless patients are made to pay.

  65. Interventionist child protection policies are right for the liberal right

    Jeremy Sammut | 02 Oct 2010 | The Australian

    The state has a responsibility to protect children from inadequate parents.

  66. Patients, doctors could pay for Super Clinics election ‘pork’

    Jeremy Sammut | 15 Sep 2010 | Medical Observer

    The Gillard government appears set to go ahead with the electoral pork that GP Super Clinics are.

  67. Child protection underbelly sells out at risk kids

    Jeremy Sammut | 14 Sep 2010 | ABC News

    Recent events in Victoria and NSW expose the underbelly of Australian child protection – the extent to which the system... Read More

  68. Hospital boards trump bureaucracy

    Jeremy Sammut | 28 Aug 2010 | The Australian

    There are clear differences in the way the government and opposition will organise public health administration yet health... Read More

  69. A dose of reality: public health problems need private solutions

    Jeremy Sammut | 06 Aug 2010 | The Australian

    It is imperative to acknowledge the limits of publicly funded healthcare, says Jeremy Sammut in The Australian, 6 August... Read More

  70. Statistics, lies and DoCS

    Jeremy Sammut | 12 Jul 2010 | ABC News

    One–third of NSW children aged 12 to 17 have been reported to the Department of Community Services and this research shows... Read More

  71. Bandage won’t stop a haemorrhage: the government’s health shake-up

    Jeremy Sammut | 12 Jun 2010 | The Australian

    The final National Health and Hospitals Network plan doesn’t deliver on the promises of less bureaucracy, genuine activity-based... Read More

  72. Paying nurses to play doctor will make system sick

    Jeremy Sammut | 22 Mar 2010 | The Australian

    The Medicare reforms will only exacerbate the problems facing public hospitals.

  73. Look to punks, not drunks, for good laws

    Jeremy Sammut | 22 Feb 2010 | The Age

    Melbourne’s reputation as gloomsville and the puritanical capital of Australia has been enhanced recently by the Victorian... Read More

  74. Hospital overhaul is our only hope

    Jeremy Sammut | 13 Feb 2010 | The Australian

    Federal control of hospital funding represents a big step towards ensuring care is delivered in the most appropriate and... Read More

  75. Whizz-bang medicine no cure for health challenges

    Jeremy Sammut | 02 Feb 2010 | ABC News

    The most interesting part of the intergenerational report 2010 is what it doesn’t say about the more serious and immediate... Read More

  76. Neglect the champers, not the children in 2010

    Jeremy Sammut | 29 Dec 2009 | The Age

    Suspected abuse and neglect of children living in danger should be properly investigated and at-risk children should be... Read More

  77. Super clinics won’t ease emergency overload

    Jeremy Sammut | 23 Dec 2009 | The Australian

    The revelation that most of the Rudd government’s GP super clinics will not be operating for at least another two years... Read More

  78. We need hospital beds, not super clinics

    Jeremy Sammut | 26 Nov 2009 | The Australian

    The Bennett report hopes to bring a healthcare revolution that will keep more Australians well and cure the hospital crisis.... Read More

  79. Some kids really need to be rescued

    Jeremy Sammut | 18 Nov 2009 | The Australian

    As a researcher your gut always churns when you are about to release a new report, but when the Centre for Independent Studies... Read More

  80. Ferguson shown the door by media and the mob

    Jeremy Sammut | 29 Sep 2009 | The Newcastle Herald

    Managing the media takes precedence over dealing with controversial issues in an honest, open and effective manner.

  81. Federal Government gets casemix wrong

    Jeremy Sammut | 19 Sep 2009 | The Australian

    A full federal hospital takeover is a political long shot regardless of whether this requires a constitutional referendum.... Read More

  82. Time to end silence on child abuse

    Jeremy Sammut | 18 Sep 2009 | Online Opinion

    Heightened awareness is clearly essential to educate the community about the shared responsibility for preventing harm to... Read More

  83. Bleed bureaucracy to restore hospital health

    Jeremy Sammut | 29 Jul 2009 | The Newcastle Herald

    The recent announcement that the Hunter New England Area Health Service has cut 22 hospital beds from the Calvary Mater hospital... Read More

  84. Super clinics are no alternative for hospital beds

    Jeremy Sammut | 28 Jul 2009 | ABC News Online

    The centrepiece of the Rudd government’s plan to take pressure off public hospitals is a national network of GP Super Clinics.... Read More

  85. Beds not bureaucrats can ease health crisis

    Jeremy Sammut | 28 Jul 2009 | The Australian

    It’s a quarter of a century since Medicare was established but no one is celebrating. No wonder considering the critical... Read More

  86. Better protection is needed for vulnerable children

    Jeremy Sammut | 03 Jul 2009 | The Newcastle Herald

    The conviction of the Hawk Nest couple accused of starving their daughter to death again highlights the need for governments... Read More

  87. Remove endangered children from their abusive parents

    Jeremy Sammut | 29 Jun 2009 | The Australian

    Ever since the ‘starved girl’ case hit the headlines in 2007, we have struggled to comprehend the incomprehensible. How... Read More

  88. There’s no real reform for health and hospitals on the horizon

    Jeremy Sammut | 20 Jun 2009 | The Australian

    Despite not many surprises being anticipated, all observers are keenly waiting for the final report of the National Health... Read More

  89. Rudd's NT welfare revolution

    Jeremy Sammut | 11 Jun 2009 | The Australian

    The Rudd government’s decision to retain and recast key aspects of the Howard government’s intervention into the Northern... Read More

  90. No radical departure in our mixed health system

    Jeremy Sammut | 19 May 2009 | The Canberra Times

    Fortunately, the Budget decision to means-test the private health insurance (PHI) rebate from next July appears to be driven... Read More

  91. One for the road

    Jeremy Sammut | 16 Apr 2009 | ABC Unleashed

    The alcopops saga has absorbed the attention of political-watchers for the best part of the previous 12 months. It is worth... Read More

  92. A lesson from the real world

    Jeremy Sammut | 14 Mar 2009 | The Australian

    Another football season has begun and another footballer has allegedly behaved reprehensively towards women. The National... Read More

  93. Welfare saps will to save

    Jeremy Sammut | 05 Mar 2009 | The Australian

    The welfare lobby supports the push to increase the single pension by $35 a week, despite the billions this will add to the... Read More

  94. Tensions and cross purposes in the Bennett Report

    Jeremy Sammut | 25 Feb 2009 | Online Opinion

    Any report about a beast as complex as the Australian health system is bound to be like the Curate’s egg – good in parts.... Read More

  95. Bennett Report: A policy looking for an evidence-base

    Jeremy Sammut | 16 Feb 2009 | Crikey

    Don't hold out too much hope for the future of the public health and hospital systems.

  96. Baby boomers' bleak future

    Jeremy Sammut | 03 Feb 2009 | Online Opinion

    If hospital and aged care policy continues to live in the ’70s, the baby boomers face severe consequences.

  97. Unskilled and over-educated: A plan for worse outcomes

    Jeremy Sammut | 29 Jan 2009 | Crikey

    Forcing students who gain no benefit from additional formal education is pointless.

  98. Welfare killed saving

    Jeremy Sammut | 18 Dec 2008 | The Australian

    Social democrats should look in the mirror for who is to blame for ‘affluenza.’

  99. Recession and reform are in the wind for health care

    Jeremy Sammut | 24 Nov 2008 | The Canberra Times

    While it’s hardly polite to mention the R-word, let alone to see the good that might come of a recession, it’s an ill... Read More

  100. The ABC of policy failure

    Jeremy Sammut | 11 Nov 2008 | Business Spectator

    The federal government is suggesting that ABC’s fall illustrates how desperately the children industry needs re-regulation... Read More

  101. Agnostics need faith in private hospital sector

    Jeremy Sammut | 31 Oct 2008 | Crikey

    The Federal Health Minister, Nicola Roxon, says she’s agnostic and it doesn't matter whether hospital services are provided... Read More

  102. Nanny State no substitute for parental responsibility

    Jeremy Sammut | 28 Oct 2008 | Online Opinion

    According to Professor Fiona Stanley’s ‘Risking our Kids’, which aired on the ABC recently, the next generation of... Read More

  103. Rudd’s political handout culture will be mugged by the economic reality

    Jeremy Sammut | 15 Oct 2008 | The Australian Financial Review

    Late last week it looked like the Prime Minister may have made the first of many tough choices ahead.  In the wake of the... Read More

  104. The aged care industry is desperate for more of accommodation bonds

    Jeremy Sammut | 04 Oct 2008 | The Australian Financial Review

    The financial crisis in the high care nursing homes is getting worse, and we are no closer to re-establishing the sector... Read More

  105. Welfare is killing Kiwis softly

    Jeremy Sammut | 18 Sep 2008 | The Dominion Post

    If you believe the editorial in the most recent edition of the New Zealand Medical Journal, a toxic combination of bad social... Read More

  106. Imaginary costs of obesity

    Jeremy Sammut | 08 Sep 2008 | The Canberra Times

    Another week, another obesity scare campaign, orchestrated by another grant-seeking public health organisation. This time,... Read More

  107. Judge think-tanks by policy outcomes not partisan labels

    Jeremy Sammut | 27 Aug 2008 | The Australian

    Thirty-years ago, every major party supported the central pillars of the Federation-old ‘Australian Settlement’. Who... Read More

  108. OAP rise is doubly taxing for GEN X and Y

    Jeremy Sammut | 15 Aug 2008 | The Australian

    This week’s debate about the future of the old age pension provides an insight into the political realities of an ageing... Read More

  109. Spin won’t make “high care” aged care sector sustainable

    Jeremy Sammut | 17 Jul 2008 | Online Opinion

    The Minister for Ageing’s attack on the Queensland Aged Care Alliance (Courier Mail, 19 June 2008) marks a new low in the... Read More

  110. Will Super Clinics increase the pressure on public hospitals?

    Jeremy Sammut | 26 Jun 2008 | ABC News Online

    In the 2008–09 federal budget, the Rudd government allocated $275 million to the establishment of a national network of... Read More

  111. Funded allied health a prescription for Gen Y and

    Jeremy Sammut | 26 Jun 2008 | The Canberra Times

    ‘GP Management Plans’ were introduced by the Howard Government in 2005 and established a Medicare rebate covering chronic... Read More

  112. Proof of the pudding: health campaigns don't work

    Jeremy Sammut | 09 May 2008 | ABC News Online

    There is slim support for the belief that preventive public health policies have brought obesity and lifestyle disease under... Read More

  113. Super Clinics Not So Super

    Jeremy Sammut | 09 May 2008 | The Newcastle Herald

    The Rudd government is set to unfurl a whole new series of preventive health policies, the centrepiece of which is a commitment... Read More

  114. Prevention is better than cure, but only if it works

    Jeremy Sammut | 08 May 2008 | The Australian

    According to the Rudd government’s preventive health care policy, ordinary Australians cannot be expected to look after... Read More

  115. Rudd’s preventive health plan is a policy looking for an evidence-base

    Jeremy Sammut | 08 May 2008 | The Canberra Times

    'Evidence-based policy' might be the mantra of the Rudd Government, but its Super Clinics policy is not at all evidence based.... Read More

  116. Forget alcohol - the binge here is on taxing drinkers

    Jeremy Sammut | 01 May 2008 | The Daily Telegraph

    The Federal Government has used skewed figures to justify its alcopop tax hike.

  117. Health Minister gives a mixed message on binge drinking

    Jeremy Sammut | 30 Apr 2008 | The Courier Mail

    From Midnight on Saturday – the hour when party people usually emerge – the Rudd Government raised the excise tax on... Read More

  118. Fat Tax unfair to fat and thin taxpayers alike

    Jeremy Sammut | 22 Apr 2008 | The Australian

    Was this really the best ‘big idea’ the health panel at the 2020 Summit could come up with? A new tax - how original!... Read More

  119. Same old, same old in aged care policy

    Jeremy Sammut | 28 Mar 2008 | The Canberra Times

    There is a new government in Canberra, but there is nothing new, so far, in the politics of aged care.

  120. Lack of GPs and other great health debate myths

    Jeremy Sammut | 29 Feb 2008 | Crikey

    The prime minister and his health minister must now realise how hard is the task of ending the "blame game" over public hospitals.... Read More

  121. No dignity for the individual in the war against the obese

    Jeremy Sammut | 20 Feb 2008 | The Newcastle Herald

    Liberals champion limited government because they cherish the dignity of the individual. With every expansion of the role... Read More

  122. It takes a lot more than preventive care to resolve hospital crisis

    Jeremy Sammut | 24 Nov 2007 | The Australian

    The principal reason public hospitals are under severe strain is the number of elderly patients presenting for treatment,... Read More

  123. Not voting is a vote against the electoral system

    Jeremy Sammut | 22 Nov 2007 | The Australian

    The old joke is that no matter whom you vote for, a politician wins. In the era of "me too" elections this is truer than... Read More

  124. Are Medicare's days numbered?

    Jeremy Sammut | 01 Nov 2007 | The Sydney Morning Herald

    Taxpayer-funded 'free and universal' health systems are a 20th century policy. When governments had to provide cheap and... Read More

  125. Hospital ‘crisis’ signals health challenges ahead

    Jeremy Sammut | 25 Oct 2007 | The Newcastle Herald

    Pre-election promises to ‘fix’ the public hospital system count for little when politicians lack the courage to implement... Read More

  126. The answer is real health reform, not more money

    Jeremy Sammut | 05 Oct 2007 | Online Opinion

    Last week’s announcement by the Treasurer of a $2.5 billion ‘Health and Medical Investment Fund’ to purchase cutting-edge... Read More

  127. ‘Sit-up money’ the wrong incentive.

    Jeremy Sammut | 21 Sep 2007 | Online Opinion

    As the era of ‘sit-down money’ for Aborigines ends, the Australian General Practice Network has proposed a new scheme... Read More

  128. Labor focus is on the wrong health problem

    Jeremy Sammut | 08 Sep 2007 | The Newcastle Herald

    A Rudd Labor government will spend $220 million to establish "GP super clinics" in regional and outer metropolitan regions.... Read More

  129. Future medicine only for those who help themselves

    Jeremy Sammut | 07 Sep 2007 | The Advertiser

    This not only points to ever-greater capacity constraints in public hospitals. It also points to modern medicine's ability... Read More

  130. Health policy fails to target problem

    Jeremy Sammut | 03 Sep 2007 | The Canberra Times

    The sound and fury accompanying Kevin Rudd's hospital reform plan means you might have missed the primary care initiative... Read More

Ideas@TheCentre by Author

  1. Moritorium on health tax and spend policies

    Jeremy Sammut | 31 Jul 2015 | Ideas@The Centre

    We urgently need to change the conversation about health. The Intergenerational Reports have warned for more than a decade... Read More

  2. Co-payment debacle reflections

    Jeremy Sammut | 17 Jul 2015 | Ideas@The Centre

    The Abbott government's Medicare co-payment proposal prompted the organised medical profession to wage a political campaign... Read More

  3. Culture quells racism

    Jeremy Sammut | 10 Jul 2015 | Ideas@The Centre

    Dawn Fraser's apology for her inappropriate 'go back to where you came from' comments about tennis player Nick Kyrios needs... Read More

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    Jeremy Sammut | 29 May 2015 | Ideas@The Centre

    The new appointments to counter home-grown terrorism are a clever and politically astute move that will facilitate the national... Read More

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    Jeremy Sammut | 22 May 2015 | Ideas@The Centre

    The most interesting response to SBS TV's 'Struggle Street' documentary series was the article by Mamamia founder, Mia Freedman,... Read More

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    Jeremy Sammut | 10 Apr 2015 | Ideas@The Centre

    I wish I could just agree that the real problem is the ‘racism’ of those who promote so-called ‘Islamophobia’. But... Read More

  7. 18C is not what keeps us civil

    Jeremy Sammut | 02 Apr 2015 | Ideas@The Centre

    The Abbott Government’s attempt to remove Section 18C from the Racial Discrimination Act (RDA) was politically doomed the... Read More

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    Jeremy Sammut | 13 Mar 2015 | Ideas@The Centre

    Allowing gay and lesbian couples to wed cannot possibly do any more damage than straight couples have wrought on marriage... Read More

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    Jeremy Sammut | 06 Mar 2015 | Ideas@The Centre

    What needs to be factored in to the health debate is that the so-called 'right to Medicare' involves trading off other important... Read More

  10. Stop the state 'playing Dad'

    Jeremy Sammut | 23 Jan 2015 | Ideas@The Centre

    Gary Johns has argued that compulsory contraception is needed to stop women having children and relying on the state to support... Read More

  11. Kinship placements risk creating a Lost Generation

    Jeremy Sammut | 12 Dec 2014 | Ideas@The Centre

    To talk of adoption in relation to Indigenous children is to invite the politically explosive claim that this would create... Read More

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    This is the attitude that advocates of health reform must adopt now that the Abbott government’s co-payment initiative... Read More

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    Jeremy Sammut | 14 Nov 2014 | Ideas@The Centre

    Rather than not doing enough early intervention, the problem with the child protection system is that we have too much of... Read More

  14. Hard conversation about Aboriginal culture and child protection

    Jeremy Sammut | 19 Sep 2014 | Ideas@The Centre

    Conservative social commentators have indulged in 'divisive grandstanding' by linking Aboriginal culture to the abuse and... Read More

  15. Making work, not the dole, the easier option

    Jeremy Sammut | 29 Aug 2014 | Ideas@The Centre

    If we want to uphold the moral principle that those who can work should work, we cannot afford to make life on the dole the... Read More

  16. Sorting child protection facts from fiction

    Jeremy Sammut | 22 Aug 2014 | Ideas@The Centre

    Ideology and propaganda often gets in the way of a clear-eyed view of the problems in the child protection system. The first... Read More

  17. The political significance of the section 18C debacle

    Jeremy Sammut | 08 Aug 2014 | Ideas@The Centre

    The Abbott government has sold out our democratic right to free speech to help itself politically with the ethnic lobbyists... Read More

  18. Free to choose in health

    David Gadiel, Jeremy Sammut | 01 Aug 2014 | Ideas@The Centre

    There are good lessons to learn from our Save-As-You-Go superannuation system when it comes to funding healthcare.

  19. Truly dangerous ideas don't condemn girls to death

    Jeremy Sammut | 27 Jun 2014 | Ideas@The Centre

    Using the Opera House to provide a platform for someone to justify and excuse murder is an intolerable violation of the basic... Read More

  20. Follow the French: Charge patients for public hospital accommodation

    Jeremy Sammut | 23 May 2014 | Ideas@The Centre

    State governments could charge a daily accommodation fee for inpatient public hospital services to show that public health... Read More

  21. Burned by the deficit levy to save the debt village

    Jeremy Sammut | 02 May 2014 | Ideas@The Centre

    Will Joe Hockey’s first budget cuts as deep and hard as the first Costello budget in 1996?

  22. National adoption targets

    Jeremy Sammut | 17 Apr 2014 | Ideas@The Centre

    Child protection policies designed to solve yesterday’s mistakes are causing serious problems today.

  23. Re-moralising the pension

    Jeremy Sammut | 11 Apr 2014 | Ideas@The Centre

    What was the original purpose of the old age pension and how far have we strayed from this?

  24. Getting the most bang for our hospital bucks

    Jeremy Sammut | 07 Mar 2014 | Ideas@The Centre

    Only through structural reform and by exposing public hospitals to competitive pressures will we discover the true efficient... Read More

  25. Solutions are the problems for FGM

    Jeremy Sammut | 14 Feb 2014 | Ideas@The Centre

    Female genital mutilation is perhaps the most wicked problem facing governments in multicultural Western societies.

  26. Family breakdown puts children at risk

    Jeremy Sammut | 31 Jan 2014 | Ideas@The Centre

    People need to be aware that relationship and reproductive choices can have adverse implications for children.

  27. COAG 'reforms' fail to fix public hospitals

    Jeremy Sammut | 08 Nov 2013 | Ideas@The Centre

    A micro-economic reform agenda needs to be implemented in the public hospital sector to raise productivity.

  28. Solving the looming crisis facing health system

    Jeremy Sammut | 18 Oct 2013 | Ideas@The Centre

    Public hospital governance should be devolved to the local level to deliver better productivity and performance.  

  29. The ironies of public health policy

    Jeremy Sammut | 11 Oct 2013 | Ideas@The Centre

    Policy makers would be better off recognising the limits of government activity in relation to fixing obesity rather than... Read More

  30. Affordable health and ageing policy in Singapore

    Jeremy Sammut | 20 Sep 2013 | Ideas@The Centre

    Reforming the health system to increase personal responsibility and flexibility should be a priority for Abbott, who could... Read More

  31. The enemy within NSW child protection

    Jeremy Sammut | 23 Aug 2013 | Ideas@The Centre

    Stopping Goward’s push for adoption is the real objective of the ‘caseworker shortage strike.’

  32. Rock off, Kevin

    Jeremy Sammut | 02 Aug 2013 | Ideas@The Centre

    A new National Office for Live Music is being established at a cost of $560 thousand.

  33. Government is the cause of the aged care crisis

    Jeremy Sammut | 19 Jul 2013 | Ideas@The Centre

    The media focus on the latest crisis to hit the aged care sector should lead to some sensible policy changes.

  34. Gender quotas un-egalitarian

    Jeremy Sammut | 07 Jun 2013 | Ideas@The Centre

    It is legitimate to question the role affirmative action may have played in the government’s fate.

  35. How to save the health system

    Jeremy Sammut | 03 May 2013 | Ideas@The Centre

    Creating a health savings-based system would go a long way in solving the affordability problems facing Medicare.

  36. Bottom up and entrepreneurial, not top down bureaucratic health reform

    Jeremy Sammut | 05 Apr 2013 | Ideas@The Centre

    Cost-effective ways to deliver health care are essential to addressing the financial burdens associated with an ageing population.

  37. Easy moralism on forced adoption ‘sorry’

    Jeremy Sammut | 22 Mar 2013 | Ideas@The Centre

    The apology on forced adoption condemned the sins of the past, while ignoring the current day sins of ‘enlightened’ social... Read More

  38. Health savings a super idea

    Jeremy Sammut | 08 Mar 2013 | Ideas@The Centre

    TARGET30 seems to promote better and more sustainable ways to deliver high-quality health services for all Australians.

  39. Victorian revival highlights lost ground on child welfare

    Jeremy Sammut | 15 Feb 2013 | Ideas@The Centre

    Failure to regularly send children to school symbolises the breakdown of behavioural standards.

  40. Multiculturalists bury heads in sand

    Jeremy Sammut | 08 Feb 2013 | Ideas@The Centre

    Legitimate concerns about immigration leading to ethnic or religious-based social division need to be addressed.

  41. Privatising public health services - sleeping giant of IR debate

    Jeremy Sammut | 18 Jan 2013 | Ideas@The Centre

    Microeconomic reform is essential in the public health sector to get more and better services for each health dollar spent.

  42. Civil disobedience demands courage of convictions

    Jeremy Sammut | 11 Jan 2013 | Ideas@The Centre

    Civil disobedience should be followed by a willingness to pay the penalty.

  43. Research to Practice: Child Protection and Adoption

    Jeremy Sammut | 23 Nov 2012 | Ideas@The Centre

    That greater use will be made of adoption in NSW is a welcome development.

  44. Adoption: Proof think tanks CAN DO

    Jeremy Sammut | 02 Nov 2012 | Ideas@The Centre

    There is still a long way to go to lift the official ‘taboo’ on adoption.

  45. After the riot: A civil discussion of multiculturalism

    Jeremy Sammut | 05 Oct 2012 | Ideas@The Centre

    What does the recent riot mean for Australia’s status as a peaceful and harmonious multicultural society?

  46. Indigenous benefits need disadvantage test

    Jeremy Sammut | 09 Aug 2012 | Ideas@The Centre

    Identity alone can no longer be the basis for awarding Indigenous benefits.

  47. Reform NSW health

    Jeremy Sammut | 13 Jul 2012 | Ideas@The Centre

    The NSW Government must embrace privatisation in the NSW public hospital system.

  48. Is preventing ‘another stolen generation’ racist?

    Jeremy Sammut | 06 Jul 2012 | Ideas@The Centre

    Aboriginal children are placed in inappropriate and dangerous situations because the suitability of kinship carers is overlooked... Read More

  49. Bad or sad is not mad

    Jeremy Sammut | 08 Jun 2012 | Ideas@The Centre

    The mental illness card is again being played to curry sympathy and deflect scrutiny from public figures whose behaviour... Read More

  50. Scrap the National Children’s Commissioner for children’s sake

    Jeremy Sammut | 25 May 2012 | Ideas@The Centre

    Appointing a National Children’s Commissioner will only add to the bureaucratic maze and do no good to children.

  51. Culturally deaf to causes of child abuse

    Jeremy Sammut | 20 Apr 2012 | Ideas@The Centre

    Single-mother households are over-represented in cases of child abuse and neglect.

  52. From tragedy to farce

    Jeremy Sammut | 05 Apr 2012 | Ideas@The Centre

    Health policy needs to combine genuine local management with real financial accountability.

  53. Demos deals with Green trendies

    Jeremy Sammut | 30 Mar 2012 | Ideas@The Centre

    Queensland state elections proved that politicians who give in to the Pro Green trendies are likely to have short political... Read More

  54. Crowding of the welfare state is detrimental to everyone

    Jeremy Sammut | 02 Mar 2012 | Ideas@The Centre

    Prime Minister Gillard’s victory speech after defeating Kevin Rudd for the leadership of the Labor Party on Monday raised... Read More

  55. Hardly fair to vulnerable children

    Jeremy Sammut | 03 Feb 2012 | Ideas@The Centre

    Restore citizen-control over the child protection services or watch it fail.

  56. The great Medicare swindle

    Jeremy Sammut | 20 Jan 2012 | Ideas@The Centre

    Basic market disciplines are needed to control the cost of Medicare and prevent over-servicing.

  57. Paternalist not punitive management of underclass

    Jeremy Sammut | 09 Dec 2011 | Ideas@The Centre

    Government should intervene in highly dysfunctional families to ensure children are given every opportunity to fulfil the... Read More

  58. No end to certainty of state paternalism in Australia

    Alexander Philipatos, Jeremy Sammut | 18 Nov 2011 | Ideas@The Centre

    The insidious reliance on government paternalism is hobbling the responsible growth of the Australian nation and its people.

  59. Myths, lies and adoption

    Jeremy Sammut | 04 Nov 2011 | Ideas@The Centre

    The family preservation policies of child protection agencies are responsible for our lagging adoption performance, not the... Read More

  60. Plus ça change: O’Farrell government and NSW Health

    Jeremy Sammut | 09 Sep 2011 | Ideas@The Centre

    The NSW government’s focus on management issues in health care ignores more complex, deep-set, and politically sensitive... Read More

  61. NSW health problems 100 years in the making

    Jeremy Sammut | 08 Jul 2011 | Ideas@The Centre

    Governments lack political will to impose the tough structural hospital reforms needed for this century.

  62. Principled politics and populist plebiscites

    Jeremy Sammut | 24 Jun 2011 | Ideas@The Centre

    Plebiscites and other forms of direct democracy result in worse, not better, politics.

  63. Canberra kickers kick own goals

    Jeremy Sammut | 13 May 2011 | Ideas@The Centre

    Coalition state governments have no excuse for stymieing the publication of transparent information about public hospital... Read More

  64. A ‘Royal Wedding’ the Victorians might approve of?

    Jeremy Sammut | 29 Apr 2011 | Ideas@The Centre

    The ‘Royal Wedding’ is the last chance at shoring up the shaky foundations of the British monarchy.

  65. Reconsidering compulsory voting

    Jeremy Sammut | 01 Apr 2011 | Ideas@The Centre

    The case against compulsory voting is that people with little interest in public affairs are driven into the polling booths. ... Read More

  66. Our Medicare vice

    Jeremy Sammut | 18 Mar 2011 | Ideas@The Centre

    Problems in hospitals stem from the problems with Medicare, which stem from the faulty principles behind the ‘reverse insurance’... Read More

  67. Disintegration of Sydney: A legitimate topic for 'M&M' debate

    Jeremy Sammut | 25 Feb 2011 | Ideas@The Centre

    Community concerns about Multiculturalism and Muslims are based on the dis-integration of parts of Sydney from the mainstream... Read More

  68. Short cut to public hospital efficiency

    Jeremy Sammut | 11 Feb 2011 | Ideas@The Centre

    If federal funding for hospital is only delivered at a national efficient price state governments will either have to cut... Read More

  69. A successful 'Australian' film

    Jeremy Sammut | 14 Jan 2011 | Ideas@The Centre

    The Australian film industry should produce movies that Australian's want to see and are willing to pay for.

  70. The discussion we have to have

    Jeremy Sammut | 26 Nov 2010 | Ideas@The Centre

    If health reform is to amount to more than money shifting and rearranging the administrative deckchairs we need to address... Read More

  71. Quo Vadis? Australia’s hospital system

    Jeremy Sammut | 22 Oct 2010 | Ideas@The Centre

    Genuine reform of the public hospital system requires genuinely responsible federalism and genuine local autonomy and accountability.

  72. The week at MPS: Pondering Smith, Ferguson, and national defence

    Jeremy Sammut | 15 Oct 2010 | Ideas@The Centre

    The Mont Pelerin Society in Sydney demonstrated liberalism’s boundless spirit of inquiry into the human condition and the... Read More

  73. Liberalism and child protection

    Jeremy Sammut | 10 Sep 2010 | Ideas@The Centre

    Child protection reform that upholds the independent rights of children needs to be on the policy agenda of liberals because... Read More

  74. Living victims to drive child protection change

    Jeremy Sammut | 13 Aug 2010 | Ideas@The Centre

    The unexplained disappearance of Kiesha Abrahams from her mother’s Mount Druitt home has once more put the spotlight on... Read More

  75. One rule for all: free speech and integration

    Jeremy Sammut | 30 Jul 2010 | Ideas@The Centre

    At the Centre’s ‘Freedom of Speech’ forum on Thursday, July 29, writer-activist Ayan Hirsi Ali and The Australian’s... Read More

  76. Potheads and Headspace

    Jeremy Sammut | 09 Jul 2010 | Ideas@The Centre

    The second wave of ‘community-based’ mental health reform within 30 years has broader policy significance.

  77. Policy short-terminalism

    Jeremy Sammut | 02 Jul 2010 | Ideas@The Centre

    Every commentator in the land has had their say about the unprecedented dismissal of a first-term Prime Minister. The consensus... Read More

  78. A pox on the liberal house

    Jeremy Sammut | 28 May 2010 | Ideas@The Centre

    Malcolm Fraser’s resignation came as a shock – he was still a member, right? – given his long track record of commenting... Read More

  79. Tax and the City

    Jeremy Sammut | 21 May 2010 | Ideas@The Centre

    To borrow a line, I want to tell you about a girl.

  80. Does an Australian culture need an Australian Game?

    Jeremy Sammut | 16 Apr 2010 | Ideas@The Centre

    The national identity debate had a resurgence this week.

  81. FASD: where angels fear to tread ...

    Jeremy Sammut | 01 Apr 2010 | Ideas@The Centre

    Lobby groups in the United States claim that Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) – permanent brain damage and life-long... Read More

  82. The hard part: an alternative plan for hospitals

    Jeremy Sammut | 12 Mar 2010 | Ideas@The Centre

    The dust has settled from the release of the federal government’s public hospital plan, and most commentators agree that... Read More

  83. Irrational Medicare system delivers inverse health care

    Jeremy Sammut | 19 Feb 2010 | Ideas@The Centre

    This week, two health stories from different states point to some fundamental problems with Medicare.

  84. Indigenous people need less not more discrimination

    Jeremy Sammut | 12 Feb 2010 | Ideas@The Centre

    The shocking state of child protection services in the Northern Territory has been revealed by a leaked 2007 report by Dr... Read More

  85. Men of my appearance the usual suspects

    Jeremy Sammut | 15 Jan 2010 | Ideas@The Centre

    US authorities have introduced a range of tighter security measures in response to the ‘underpants bomb’ attack thwarted... Read More

  86. Only the market can make health system person-centred

    Jeremy Sammut | 27 Nov 2009 | Ideas@The Centre

    According to the NHHRC, the most important health reform recommendations in the Bennett Report will make the health system... Read More

  87. Rudd’s non-solution to hospital crisis a wasteful threat to private practice

    Jeremy Sammut | 20 Nov 2009 | Ideas@The Centre

    Under the $275 million Super Clinics program, the Rudd government is funding the start-up costs involved in bringing together... Read More

  88. Counting the costs of the GFC and the revenge of the political economy nerds

    Jeremy Sammut | 23 Oct 2009 | Ideas@The Centre

    From the outset, the social democrats said they would not waste the financial crisis. The Prime Minister has always wanted... Read More

  89. ‘Progressive’ patriots barking up wrong tree

    Jeremy Sammut | 14 Aug 2009 | Ideas@The Centre

    By all accounts, the message of Tim Soutphommasane’s forthcoming book (Seizing the Sauce Bottle, ‘Australian Literary... Read More

  90. More spending on prevention is no solution for hospital crisis

    Jeremy Sammut | 31 Jul 2009 | Ideas@The Centre

    Public health experts have long claimed the problems in Australia’s public hospital system are due to government policy... Read More

  91. The road to Hawks Nest started back in the Seventies

    Jeremy Sammut | 03 Jul 2009 | Ideas@The Centre

    The establishment of government-run child protection authorities staffed by university-trained social workers in the 1970s... Read More

  92. Using taxpayers' money to save obese people from themselves is futile nanny statism

    Jeremy Sammut | 26 Jun 2009 | Ideas@The Centre

    The Rudd government’s National Preventive Health Taskforce will next week call for obese people to be given tax breaks... Read More

  93. More Government Means Less Healthcare

    Jeremy Sammut | 05 Jun 2009 | Ideas@The Centre

    This week the headlines announced that Australia’s ‘free’ health system was in danger of being replaced with a ‘US-style’... Read More

  94. No evidence-base state is effective health nanny

    Jeremy Sammut | 01 May 2009 | Ideas@The Centre

    A golden thread runs through modern civilisation – a hypothesis remains a hypothesis unless the evidence proves it is science.

  95. No evidence-base State is effective health nanny

    Jeremy Sammut | 24 Apr 2009 | Ideas@The Centre

    A golden thread runs through modern civilisation—a hypothesis remains a hypothesis unless the evidence proves it is science.

  96. There is a Jekyll and Hyde quality to the Bennett Report released by the National Health and Hospital Reform Commission this week

    Jeremy Sammut | 20 Feb 2009 | Ideas@The Centre

    The problem with the Bennett report is that the left hand wants to plan the future of Australian health care from the top-down... Read More