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Miranda Darling Tobias

Publications by Author

  1. The HIV/AIDS Crisis in Papua New Guinea

    Miranda Darling Tobias | 08 Feb 2007 | Issue Analysis

    The rapid spread of HIV/AIDS in Papua New Guinea has created a health emergency, with at least 120,000 Papua New Guineans... Read More...

  2. COMMENT: The Falcon and the Falconer

    Miranda Darling Tobias | 09 Sep 2006 | POLICY Magazine

    To more effectively combat terrorism, we need to understand why homegrown Western converts turn against their own societies.

Opinion & Commentary by Author

  1. Aids will destroy a nation

    Miranda Darling Tobias | 24 Mar 2007 | The Adelaide Advertiser

    Despite assurances from the Papua New Guinea Government that it is doing "more than any other government" to stop the spread... Read More

  2. An idea sinkable, even as it is floated

    Miranda Darling Tobias | 02 Aug 2005 | The Sydney Morning Herald

    The latest child of the global nuclear renaissance is a floating nuclear power plant. The Russians plan to power remote villages... Read More

  3. After the tsunami, a spectre of bird flu

    Miranda Darling Tobias | 28 Apr 2005 | The Canberra Times

    The devastation caused by the earthquakes in Asia sets up an ominous foreground for the explosion of a lethal new mutation... Read More

  4. Action needed on al-Qa'ida's hiding place

    Miranda Darling Tobias | 17 Jan 2005 | The Australian

    The devastation in Asia caused by the tsunami has understandably overshadowed the horrors being perpetrated by the Janjaweed... Read More

Ideas@TheCentre by Author