What is TARGET30?


“I believe the best way to meet Australia’s challenges in the 21st century is for government to step back. We need to rebalance the relationship between government and society and we need to do it now.”

Greg Lindsay, CIS Executive Director

The size of government in Australia has rapidly expanded across the last
40 years, its rea target30-logoch extending into areas far beyond core government responsibilities.

Across all levels of government, spending has ballooned at a rate of 4% per year since 1972. Each year the government rakes in more than a third of everything the country produces.

Australia is currently the envy the world but there are still lessons we can learn from the economic crises in big-spending, big-government countries. We must act now to ensure prosperity for future generations.

TARGET30 is a campaign to reduce government spending below 30% of GDP within the next 10 years.

TARGET30 research and events aim to promote practical policy changes that will ensure that the crucial services Australians require are delivered efficiently and effectively while curbing the uncontrolled growth of wasteful government spending.


Without TARGET30, government spending could exceed 50% of GDP by 2050. This will bring with it higher taxation, ruinous debt, lower economic growth and a further reduction in social capital.

But we can do better than just avoiding a looming crisis. Smaller government will boost economic growth and lead to lower taxes. Shrinking government will also foster personal responsibility, and help to reforge the community ties that once bound our society together.

We must act now to ensure prosperity for future generations.