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Think instead of groupthink

16 June 2017 | Ideas@TheCentre

TP multiculturalism 1Inconsistent, irrational, illogical, downright silly — and often with disastrous consequences. That just about sums up almost every idea being slavishly adopted by today’s youth. When did we forget that maybe we should try ‘think’ rather than flow with populist rhetoric?

Multiculturalism is just one example of another cult-like idea championed by almost all young people across Western schools and universities around the world. Yet how many of those youth know what multiculturalism truly is in reality? Those who have seen the true results will know — Yugoslavia, Lebanon and Sri Lanka are perfect examples.

Yet its advocates maintain that diversity and equality of cultures is the quintessential nature of multiculturalism. But when was modern Western culture — which is so often the focus of hate from its own youth — not diverse?

Like most other cultures, we have borrowed aspects from others because that culture is more effective and efficient at performing a certain task. Take paper (Chinese), numbers (Arabic) or the thousands of foreign-sourced words in the English language (myriad countries).

That is why cultures evolved and developed throughout the centuries: because they interacted and learnt from each other. Western civilisation is not so strictly white and discriminatory as many multiculturalists claim — it is made of influences from at least 100 cultures.

Of course there is never a case for discrimination. But there is no logical case to give other cultures priority over our own Western culture. If there were, we may as well revive Roman culture, Ottoman culture … even Canaan culture.

There is always a clear distinction between what sounds good and what actually does good. Sadly this is ignored by the fad followers, who — with their feeling of moral superiority as they ‘save’ the masses — disregard reason and logic.

Tony Peng is a Year 10 student at James Ruse High School, who undertook work experience at the Centre for Independent Studies.

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