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Diversity? What diversity?

same sex marriage 1 activistm protest activistsSupporters of same-sex marriage predicted a ‘campaign of hatred’ would be unleashed by the proposal’s opponents. That’s why Bill Shorten stamped firmly on plans for a plebiscite last September.

But the real vendetta of vindictive hatred is being driven by the self-styled tribunes of ‘tolerance’ who insist their hearts are actually brimming with compassion for the ‘vulnerable’ and ‘suicidal’.

First it was IBM executive Mark Allaby, picked off by same-sex marriage vigilante Michael Barnett because of Allaby’s association, as a board member, with the Lachlan Macquarie Institute (LMI).

Now Barnett has another Christian in his sights: Steven Chavura, also on the board of LMI but employed by Macquarie University. Barnett wants Macquarie, which has signed up to the Pride in Diversity campaign in support of LGBTI rights, to put the frighteners on Chavura.

Having an LMI board member on the Maquarie payroll is “a bad look”, Barnett tweeted recently. It’s an ominous threat with hidden malice that wouldn’t have been out of place on Tony Soprano’s lips.

Chavura got the message all right: “This man is trying to destroy my career because I disagree with him on same-sex marriage,” he posted on Facebook. The university has yet to back up Dr Chavura.

“No one is stopping him going to church,” Barnett said when accused of denying Chavura his basic human right to freedom of religion. As if religious faith is a spare-time activity like rock fishing.

And Barnett even admits he hasn’t a skerrick of evidence that either Chavura or LMI have ever issued any anti-gay material. But LGBTI activists have no use for evidence in their campaign.

Vilification, humiliation and fear are their weapons of choice. And so effective have they been that a number of Christian charities have now been driven to request board secrecy for directors.

Forget the conventions of civil discourse. LGBTI activists have no interest in allowing ordinary Aussies to debate openly questions such as same-sex marriage. And they will not tolerate any dissenting views.

The campaign name ‘Pride in Diversity’ is comical: there is no kind of diversity going on here of which anyone can — or should — be proud: no diverse views, no dissenting opinions, and no debate.

No wonder universities and companies support such campaigns. They daren’t refuse. The cost to damaged reputations, harassed staff and — let’s not forget— the bottom line, if they don’t loudly proclaim total support for marriage equality, simply isn’t worth it.

Better to sign up, say nothing, and keep their heads down. To some, it may sound like a campaign promoting tolerance, equality and justice. But to many, it’s looking like a protection racket.

Peter Kurti is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Independent Studies