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Vol.33 No. 3 (Spring, 2017)

Vol.33 No. 3 (Spring, 2017)


The Future of Work
David Gruen
What are the implications of technological change for the labour market as we know it?

Welfare: Independence Not Dependency – A ‘Savings Not Taxes’ Reform
Roger Douglas and Robert MacCulloch
We show how individual compulsory savings accounts can be established using tax revenues so that a publicly-funded welfare system can be replaced by one that promotes independence instead of dependency.

As Mugabe Fades – Zimbabwe at the Crossroads
Robert Forsyth talks with David Coltart
On a recent trip to Australia, Robert Forsyth spoke with David Coltart about how Robert Mugabe’s long reign might end, the colonial legacy in Africa, and what Australia can do to help avert the ‘perfect storm’—to quote Coltart—that is emerging in Zimbabwe as elections loom in 2018.

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