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Vol. 7 No. 3 (Spring, 1991)

Vol. 7 No. 3 (Spring, 1991)
FEATURE: The Ethics of Insider Trading
Norman Barry

In the second of two articles on business ethics, Norman Barry questions the conventional view that insider trading is intrinsically unfair, and argues that it may promote efficiency by speeding the flow of information within markets.

FEATURE: Superannuation: Panacea for an Ailing Australian Economy?
Garry White

Superannuation has been identified by some commentators as the answer to Australia’s alleged savings, current-account, foreign debt and industry development problems. An argument that superannuation does not address the fundamental causes of these problems, which in any case either are not real problems or are being incorrectly interpreted.

FEATURE: Restructuring New Zealand's Defence Force
Wayne Mapp

New Zealand’s National government proposes to continue the reductions in the country’s armed forces initiated by the previous Labour government. Wayne Mapp argues that New Zealand’s defence force should be restructured in a way that maximises its potential for cooperation with Australia’s armed forces.

FEATURE: How Not to Reduce New Zealand's Unemployment
Alan Woodfield,
David Smyth

More can be done to provide flexibility and opportunity in New Zealand.

FEATURE: The Forgotten Consumer: The Distorted Delivery of Child-Care Services
Dale Raneberg,
Terence Daubney

The persistences of informal child care in the face of increasing governent subsidies for child-care services suggests that the policy of making child care universally accessible is failing. The argument that the present policy ignores the distinct needs of different consumer groups and disadvantages those with the most basic needs and the least ability to pay.

FEATURE: New Zealand's Agriculture and Trade: Is There Life After the GATT Uruguay Round?
Jimmye S. Hillman

An assessment of the prospects for New Zealand’s agricultural exports in the context of current attempts to liberalise world trade.

FEATURE: Economic Rationalism and the Liberal Tradition
Michael James

Although the present consensus favouring economic rationalism is surviving the recession, the seeds of a possible change of policy director, can be detected in Australian public life. Michael James argues that the policies of economic rationalism are best defended as representing progress towards limited government.

FEATURE: Universal Reason Covers All: Hiram Caton's The Politics of Progress
Kenneth Minogue

The Libertarians’ political beliefs are shaped by a legend of man’s progress from the shackles of customary society to the liberations of free trade.

FEATURE: New Zealand's Employment Contracts Act: An Incomplete Revolution
Penelope J Brook

New Zealand’s new Employment Contracts Act abolishes much of the apparatus of the old centralised wage-fixing system. Penelope Brook argues that although the Act represents substantial progress in labour market reform, it retains significant barriers to the realisation of the full benefits of a free contracting regime for employers and employees.

FEATURE: Misleading Impressions: The Recession in the Farm Sector and its Impact on Rural Australia
Tony Sorensen

News from the bush tends to be all bad. Several primary industries and many individual farmers are coping well with the recession, and argues that governments can best help rural Australia by pressing on with microeconomic reform.

NOTES AND COMMENTS: Enterprise-Specific Productivity and National Policy
Frederick G. Hilmer

Microeconomic reform is now recognised as a critical element of national economic policy.

NOTES AND COMMENTS: The Blessing of Market Capitalism
Wolfgang Kasper

In Centesimus annus, the Pope is unsparing in his criticism of communism, socialism and (less explicitly) the Catholic flirtation with Marxism under the guise of ‘liberation theology.’

FEATURE: Chile's Transition to Democratic Capitalism
Gabriel Stein

Chile’s democratic credentials are somewhat tarnished by memories of the recent period of military rule and the continuing influence of the armed forces in Chilean affairs. Gabriel Steins argues that the country has successfully recovered its strong democratic traditions, largely because of its successful economic liberalisation.

BOOK REVIEW: The Case for Freedom of Labour Contract
Judith Sloan

Freedom at Work: The Case for Reforming Labour Law in New Zealand by Penelope J. Brook (Oxford University Press, 1990.)

BOOK REVIEW: New Zealand's Industry: Sunset or Sunrise?
Grant Scobie

Turning it Around: Closure and Revitalization in New Zealand Industry edited by John Savage and Alan Bollard (Oxford University Press, 1990.)

BOOK REVIEW: A Liberal Perspective of Australian Politics
William J. Stacey

The Theory of Politics: An Australian Perspective by Chandran Kukathas, David Lovell and William Maley (Longman Cheshire, 1990).

BOOK REVIEW: Economics for the Layman
Brian Dollery

Understanding the New Economy by Alfred Malabre (Dow Jones-Irwin, 1989)

BOOK REVIEW: No Other Way?
Rodney Cole

Power and Prejudice: The Making of the Fiji Crisis by Brij V. Lal (New Zealand Institute of International Affairs, 1988.)

FEATURE: The Only Failure We Have to Fear Is the Fear of Failure
Dwight R. Lee,
Richard B. McKenzie

Socialism has been, by any measure of economic success, a total failure.

BOOK REVIEW: A Who's Who of Public Interest Activists
Alan Moran

The Network: A Guide to anti-Business Pressure groups by Bob Browning (Canonbury Press, Melbourne 1990.)

BOOK REVIEW: New Zealand's Pacific Role
Alan Burnett

Towards a Pacific Island Community: Report of the South Pacific Policy Review Group (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, 1990).

RAFE'S ROUND UP: Spring 1991
Rafe Champion

Rafe’s Round-Up for Spring 1991.

CIS: CIS Publications Update

An update on CIS publications for Spring 1991.

BOOK REVIEW: From Liberalisation to Conservatism
David Lovell

Liberalism: Essays in Political Philosophy by John Gray (Routledge, 1989)

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