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Vol. 8 No. 1 (Autumn, 1992)

Vol. 8 No. 1 (Autumn, 1992)
FEATURE: Australia's Strategies for Trade Reform
Neil Vousden

Interest is growing in Australia in ‘strategic trade policy’ and in bilateral trade agreements involving a regional free-trade area. An assessment of these proposals and Neil Vousden’s conclusion that the clearest gains are available from continuing unilateral trade liberalisation.

FEATURE: For Compulsory Voting

Australia’s practice of compulsory voting is widely regarded as an infringement of individual liberty that benefits only political parties. Ross Parish argues that the system nevertheless has some redeeming features.

REVIEW: Green Fingers, Invisible Hand

Markets, Resources and the Environment edited by Alan Moran, Andrew Chisholm and Michael Porter (Allen & Unwin, 1991.)

FEATURE: Policies of the European Community Toward Newly Liberated Countries
Holger Schmieding

The European Community could give credibility to the liberalisation of the post-communitist economies of Eastern and Central Europe by expanding its internal free market into a European Economic Area.

FEATURE: Land Degradation, Technology and the Market

This article is an explanation of the significant role of technology in Australia’s primary industries, explorting the scope for the use of satellite imagery to inform the market fror agricultural land.

FEATURE: Microeconomic Reform and the Welfare State

An exploration of the scope for reforming the welfare state through a greater reliance on means tests and on private provision of welfare.

REVIEW: Secret Ballot, Secret Malice
Michael James

Politics and Process: New Essays in Democratic Thought edited by Geoffrey Brennan and Loren E. Lomasky (Cambridge University Press, 1989.)

FEATURE: Why Australia's Divorce Law Should Be Reformed
Brian Trainor

The law on divorce should be reformed to give effect to a ‘democratic compromise’ between liberal and conservative concerns.

FEATURE: What Garbage Crisis?
Charles W. Baird

A market approach to solid-waste management.

REVIEW: Devolution or Centralisation?
David Shand

Redistribution of Power? Devolution in New Zealand edited by Peter McKinlay (Victoria University Press for the Institute of Policy Studies, 1990.)

FEATURE: A New Classical Response to the Langmore Report

The 1991 Langmore Report rejects the ‘New Classical’ argument that Australia’s current account deficit and external debts should not be targets of economic policy.

REVIEW: A Framework For Family Policy
Barry Maley

The Family in the Welfare State by Alan Tapper (Allen & Unwin, 1990.)

REVIEW ARTICLE: Changing Minds, Changing Attitudes

Economic Rationalism in Canberra: A Nation Building State Changes its Mind by Michael Pusey (Cambridge University Press, 1991.)

REVIEW: Causes of Fiji's Peace

Race and Politics in Fiji by Robert Norton (University of Queensland Press, 1990.)

REVIEW: The Emerging British Underclass
David Pollard

The Emerging British Underclass by Charles Murray, with commentaries by Frank Field, Joan Brown, Alan Walker and Nicholas Deakin (Institute of Economic Affairs, 1990.)

REVIEW: Managing the Public Sector
Barbara Page

Decision Making in Australian Government edited by Brian Galligan, John Nethercote and Cliff Walsh (Centre for Research on Federal Financial Relations and Royal Australian Institute of Public Administration, 1990.)

BOOK REVIEW: Missing the Major Villains
David Armstrong

The Decline of the University by Philip de Lacey and Gabriel Moens (Law Press, 1990.)

BOOK REVIEW: The Scope of Spontaneous Order

Order- With or Without Design? Selections from F. A. Hayek’s Contribution to the Theory and Application of Spontaneous Orders by Naomi Moldofsky (Centre for Research into Communist Economies, 1989.)

BOOK REVIEW: Recurrent Anti-Capitalist Bias

The Selling of the Australian Mind by Stephen Knight (William Heinemann Australia, 1990) and The Temperament of Generations: Fifty Years of Writing in Meanjin edited by Jenny Lee, Philip Mead and Gerald Murnane (Meajin/Melbourne University Press, 1990.)

NOTES & COMMENTS: Ending the Poverty Trap for Part-Time Workers
Terry Ryan

Unemployment has become a very real fact of life for many people in Australia today.

NOTES & COMMENTS: Crimes of 'Racist Violence'

The report of the National Inquiry into racist violent in Australia.

Chandran Kukathas

F. A. Hayek, 8 May 1899 – 23 March 1992: An appreciation.

BOOK REVIEW: Saved from Obscurity

Stormy Petrel: A Biography of Albert Edward Hocking, 1885-1969 by Patricia Hocking (Hyland House, 1990.)

SCHOOLS' BRIEF: The Links Between Monetary Policy and Microeconomic Policy
Garry White

An exploration of how monetary policy and microeconomic reform can best work toward the intertwined objectives of price stability and welfare maximisation.

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